Get Involved to Help #EndMommyWars

Let's work together to #EndMommyWars | A Mother Thing
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  1. Adriana says:

    I think this is a very personal decision and nobody should have an opinion or criticize on how we raise our kids. Same applies for breastfeeding.
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  2. Elizabeth O. says:

    I honestly don’t get why we have to fight about who breastfed and who bottle-fed. In the end, we just did the best we could and that’s what we all need to understand. I’m sorry you had to hear nasty comments about your choices, that’s not something you should be judged for. People will never be pleased, so just do what you can and don’t mind the others.

  3. I love that this film shows that all moms need to support one another and that there isn’t just one correct way to raise a baby. It would be great if the mommy wars could be ended.
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  4. Lexie Lane says:

    We need to respect the decision of each and every one. Its not that matter on how we feed our baby.
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  5. dana vento says:

    What you choose… how you choose and who you choose are all private, and personal decisions, why should anyone sit judge and jury
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  6. Rebecca Swenor says:

    This is great that they have groups now to fight against mommy wars. It truly is the mothers decision on how they parent and what works for them. No one should be offended by what each mother tells them what worked for them either.

  7. I think not just Mommy Wars, but WOMEN Wars in general should be addressed! There’s too much junk happening in the negative realm – we should be supporting each other, not tearing each other down!
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  8. mya.k says:

    I think people should make their own dissension and people should not be ashamed of it or judge them because they are not the same as them and that is ok. Stay true to yourself.

  9. Erinn S says:

    I never even considered breast feeding. I worked 30
    Miles away, my son would be in daycare feeding off made bottles anyway and I had teenage stepsons and was not comfortable with my breast out at all times. I was bottle fed and all boys were bottle fed and they are healthy and happy kids!

  10. I have always encouraged breast feeding but u get some mothers just don’t or can’t for whatever reason. I do love the awareness encouraging moms to breastfeed when I was pregnant with my daughter 19 years ago, they encouraged bottle feeding at the hospital. I got lots of free formula.

    I think the mommy wars are ridiculous. Ms should do what is best for her and baby.
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  11. I think Kristen made an excellent point above. Mommy Wars are a thing, but they are just a part of the bigger Women Wars. A part of me likes to think that we’re all just really insecure about the life choices we have made and feel the need to explain ourselves. At least that way we would all find some common ground and wouldn’t ever feel the need to put another woman down to validate ourselves and our unique life choices.
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  12. Nicole Escat says:

    What ever the decision of each mother. We need to respect this. If they choose that, its their own way and its their own decision.
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