Getting Ready for the Release of PAN with These Awesome PAN Cookies!

If you’re as excited as I am about all the movies coming out before the end of this year, you’re going to love the cookies I have for you! I have a ton of really cute cookies you can easily make yourself (why pay the bakery?!) and dig in for an ever enjoyable movie experience.

Today we are celebrating the upcoming release of Pan, the awesome-looking update on the classic Peter Pan! I am so excited to see Hugh Jackman as Blackbeard. The movie looks like it’s going to challenge our notions of the children’s story, and I am really excited to see it! But the child in me still remembers sitting in my grandpa’s living room watching the original Disney film, and these cookies are an homage to the original Peter Pan cartoon. Forgive me… I’m sentimental.

Movie Snacks - Pan Cookies! Recipe and Directions | A Mother Thing |

I can’t help but think of Peter’s shadow when thinking of the story, so I went with a silhouette here. I have no idea if this is part of the movie or not, but I think this is a classic representation of Peter Pan, so I went with it.

The cookies are very basic. Here’s the recipe:

Cookie Ingredients:

5 C flour
2 tsp baking powder
1 tsp salt
1 1/2 C soft unsalted butter
2 C granulated sugar
4 eggs

Icing Ingredients:

2 egg whites
1 C powder sugar
1/2 tsp cream of tartar
Black gel food coloring

Cookie cutters:


Cookie Directions:

Cream the soft butter with the sugar until the combination is smooth, not grainy, to the touch in a mixing bowl. Add all 4 eggs at one time. Continue to mix. Add the vanilla.  Continue mixing. 

Sift the flour, baking powder, and salt together.

Add the dry mixture to the wet mixture.

Continue mixing to make sure all ingredients are thoroughly blended.

Make the dough into a ball, wrap it in cling wrap completely covering the entire dough ball. Put in the refrigerator for about 6 hours or overnight. Check to see if the dough is firm.

Preheat oven to 325 degrees. Pull the cookie dough out of the refrigerator and sit it out to soften up a bit. Put flour out on the wood cutting board, rub flour on the rolling pin, and work some flour into the batter (if needed).

Roll the dough out on the cutting board and using the plaque cookie cutter begin to make your cookies. Line the cookie sheet with parchment paper. Using a metal spatula move the cut cookies to the parchment lined cookie sheet.

Bake at 325 degrees for 8 minutes.  Check to see if the cookies are thoroughly baked. Take the  cookies off of the cookie sheet and put on a wire rack to cool completely.

Icing Directions:

Combine all ingredients (except your food coloring) in a mixing bowl mixing on medium speed for 4 minutes.  If icing is  not stiff enough add 1/4 C powder sugar.

Divide the icing between 2 bowls.  In the first bowl put 3/4 of icing leaving it whiteAdd several drops of black gel food coloring in the second bowl of icing. Stir well to mix the color.

Spoon each color of icing into individual  frosting bags with a #5 tips. Twist the open end of the bag to push the icing to the tip.

Basic Icing  Directions:

Outline each of the plaque  cookies in white. Then fill in the top and bottom of the cookies in with the white thinner  icing. Allow to dry for about 30 seconds before filling in the cookie.

Leave a small amount of the icing in the frosting bag for later use on the cookies.

Allow the cookies to dry from 5-10 hours.

Movie Snacks - Pan Cookies! Recipe and Directions | A Mother Thing |

“PAN” Silhouette

Locate a picture of  PAN’s silhouette on Google.   Print it out several times on one sheet of paper.

Tape wax paper (covering the copies of  the silhouette) to the cookie sheet . Follow the color and features as printed on the paper.

Using a small pastry bag fill with the black royal icing and a #2 tip.  Start by outlining the  silhouette first.  Fill in the silhouette with the black icing.   Allow this to dry for 30 seconds.

Allow to dry for 5-10 hours. Ensure that the silhouette is  dry, gently touch one of them with your finger if it allows you to push in on the icing allow it to dry more.  If  the silhouette is dry then it will have a hard feeling not allowing you to push in on it.

Cut the wax paper holding the completed silhouette  into squares surrounding the completed design. Once  the silhouette is dry, carefully peel the wax paper off of the back of the images and place on the frosted cookie.

Movie Snacks - Pan Cookies! Recipe and Directions | A Mother Thing |

This is a pretty common way of “frosting” your cookies if you want to have pictures on them. I love the way it works. And you can change up the position of the silhouette if you so choose.

Movie Snacks - Pan Cookies! Recipe and Directions | A Mother Thing |

Movie Snacks - Pan Cookies! Recipe and Directions | A Mother Thing |

With the leftover dough, you can cut some basic shapes (circles, squares, etc) to frost as accents for your cookies. How cute are they!?

Movie Snacks - Pan Cookies! Recipe and Directions | A Mother Thing |

You could even do some other silhouettes for other cookies. Like a hook. Or a pirate ship! The sky is the limit. I’ll be experimenting with more of these in the future! I can’t wait!

What do you think? Are you excited about the upcoming film? Will you be trying these super cute cookies for yourself?


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Katie Reed

Katie Reed

Katie Reed is a 38 year old mom blogger from Salt Lake City, UT. She is married to the man of her dreams and together they have four beautiful boys. Dexter is 9, Daniel is 7, Chester is 5 and Wilder is 2. She writes about living with mental health issues while navigating motherhood. Her blog focuses on tips and tricks for moms, information and parenting news, kid-friendly recipes and crafts. She loves to reflect on the humorous side of parenthood and shares the reality of her life, with a "warts and all" attitude.

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  1. My Daughter and i are so excited to go see Pan. I will have to make these cookies for the night we go see it. It is going to be a great movie.

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