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Goodbye England, Hello Florida

If you’ve been following my rather sporadic updates, you’ll know that our little family had recently made the very spontaneous decision to leave our adopted home in the UK and move thousands of miles away to somewhere we’ve never lived before. Well, on May 24th, we boarded our plane in Heathrow and made our dream a reality.

Of course, all has not gone EXACTLY according to plan, and we’ve had a few hiccups along the way. But for some reason, I’ve found it very hard to really write about it all. So, to keep everything up to date and to just wipe the slate clean and start fresh, I figured the best thing to do is to acknowledge that we HAVE moved, we ARE acclimating and we WILL be great.

But since I haven’t the time or energy to write a huge post about it, I figured I’d just share our story in pictures. I’ll update properly when I’ve had a chance to digest the whole experience and get used to the time change!

After selling his crib, Dex spent his last few nights in England sleeping on a mattress on the floor
Dexter took great pride in helping us clean the house (he loves the broom!)
We spent the day before we left enjoying the local pub garden and a beer with a friend
An Indian dinner with our friends Iain and Patrice, saying goodbye for a while
Meeting up with my longest-time English friends at the pub
More friends we got to see before we left
We had to pack up most of our belongings into boxes which we sent via cargo ship
Dexter enjoyed running around the departure gate at Heathrow
He made a sweet little friend who he spent the whole time playing with
He enjoyed staring out the window at the planes
I had my new Viva la Diva travelling shoes on!
My very last UK coffee, served up by the lovely folks at Heathrow Airport
Road signs are rather exciting here in Florida!
And even the power lines are Disney themed!
The weather is gorgeous. Sunshine, blue skies and palm trees.
Nothing to worry about… except the alligators outside our door.
Our rented accomodation: the lovely Bimini Bay
Dexter is loving the warmth and the wide open spaces to walk
And our little guy seems even cuter since we moved here…
So now I’ve got two lovely boys surrounding me
Florida has definitely brought out the smiles…
But we can’t shake England all together…
There seems to be reminders everywhere.
And for those stressful moments, there are wine slushies…
And there are always cool things to see.
Like mermaids… just hanging around
Or wizards popping out of roofs

I really have so much on my mind, but the truth is that it would take more time than I have to properly explain what is going through my mind. So for now, I am spending my time thinking. I am trying out recipes I couldn’t make in England for lack of specific ingredients. I’m enjoying the Gluten Free sections of our local supermarkets. I’m researching hurricanes to figure out whether or not I need to be afraid of the thunder that has plagued us the last two days. And mostly, I am just sitting back and enjoying the fact that I am now a REpatriate.

Happy days!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.