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Child Growth Tracker

Want to know if your baby or child (0-36 months) is on track in their growth? Want to find out what percentile they fall into? Input your information below, and find out!

Growth Chart Calculator

Growth Chart Calculator

Please note that these calculations are based on the WHO growth standards for infants and children. WHO standards establish growth of breast-fed infants as the norm, reflecting growth patterns among children who were mostly breast-fed for at least 4 months. Clinicians often use the CDC growth charts as standards of how young children should grow. Typical growth may not be the ideal growth patterns. WHO growth charts identify how children should grow when provided optimal conditions.

WHO standards are based on a study designed explicitly for creating growth charts. CDC growth charts are not as accurate, as they use a much smaller sample size during the first six months of age, and there is no available data between birth and 3 months.