Guess How Much I Love You | Valentine’s Day Book Activity

In the children’s book Guess How Much I Love You by Sam McBratney, children see the loving relationship between a father and son hare. This book resonates with children because it reinforces the message of endless love between parent and child, a message that brings comfort to them during all of those day to day struggles. Read the book Guess How Much I Love You with your child, then give these accompanying lessons a try!

A title image featuring a paper hand cut out with a red heart on it sitting next to a children's book.

Lesson #1: Hug in a Hand Craft

A paper hand cutout with a red construction paper heart on it. Both sit below the children's book Guess How Much I Love You.

For many children, a simple hug or gentle hand reminds them of their parent’s love. Try this hug in a hand craft so your child can experience your love whenever and wherever!

A pencil  and scissors sit on top of a children's book.


A cut out paper hand with a red heart on it sits inside the children's book Guess How Much I Love You.


  • Begin by having your child trace your hand on the white, tan, or brown craft paper. You can also trace theirs.
  • Cut the hands out and set them aside.
  • Now cut out a small red paper heart. Create a size that fits in the center of the hand.
  • Add some glue to the back of the heart and glue it to the center of the hand. Hold in place until dry and secure.
Two cut out paper hands with a red paper heart in the middle.

You can now give the adult hand to your child, and you can take their hand cut out. These are great reminders of your love for each other whenever you are in a time of sadness or doubt!

Lesson #2: Ways to Show Love List

There are many ways to show someone you love them. In this activity, children will talk about the ways we show love.

Children's book Guess How Much I Love You by Sam McBratney. Illustrated by Anita Jeram.


  • notebook paper
  • pencil
  • crayons or markers


Begin by talking about the way father hare shows love to baby hare. He gives him a home to live in, he keeps him safe, he feeds him.
Talk about the ways parents show love for their kids. On your notebook paper, make a list of these ways. These ideas can include taking the child to school, tucking them into bed, reading them a book, etc. Younger children can draw pictures instead of writing.
Discuss these ways to show love.

Lesson #3: Compare and Contrast

Comparing and contrasting characters in a story to your own life can be a great way for children to understand the text further. Here is how you can compare and contrast the father and son hare to your own lives.


  • notebook paper
  • plate
  • pencil


  • On a piece of paper, trace the plate so you have two circles. You want the circles to overlap at the edge so they are hooked together.
  • In one circle, talk about how the dad hare is different than your own dad. In the second circle talk about how the son hare is different from your own child.
  • Where the circles connect, talk about how they are similar to your own life. Write an ideas down in the space. Discuss the similarities and differences

Enjoy the book Guess How Much I Love You with your child, then give these easy enrichment activities a try!

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