Hamburger Cupcakes

Hamburger Cupcakes - Perfect for a BBQ!

One of the comments I got repeatedly when I posted BBQ Cupcakes recently was that it was kind of creepy eating food that looked like other food. I can kind of understand that, but I still really enjoy sharing funky food. It’s like food imitating food imitating art imitating… erm… food. I don’t know. But it looks pretty cool!

Now I’ve shared enough cupcake recipes by now that I don’t feel the need to do so again. And I have a whole post devoted to my favorite frosting recipes, so you can easily look up the chocolate version that I used here. Today, I just want to focus on how to turn a basic cupcake into an awesome Hamburger Cupcake for you to share and enjoy!

These make a great dessert for a BBQ or a kid’s party. Seriously, there’s just something fun about eating food that looks like something else!

For this one, it’s pretty easy. Here’s what you’ll need:

Vanilla Cupcakes
Chocolate Frosting
Vanilla Frosting dyed red
Vanilla Frosting dyed yellow
Flaked Coconut dyed green (just add a little green gel dye to the coconut in a baggie and mix)

First, cut the cupcakes in half horizontally. Then frost them bottom half with the chocolate frosting to act as your burgers.

Hamburger Cupcakes - Perfect for a BBQ!

Next, use the dyed green coconut flakes as your “lettuce” and sprinkle generously over the chocolate hamburger patties.

Hamburger Cupcakes - Perfect for a BBQ!

Hamburger Cupcakes - Perfect for a BBQ!

Then, drizzle the red and yellow frostings over the top to look like ketchup and mustard.

Hamburger Cupcakes - Perfect for a BBQ!

Finally, add the tops of the cupcakes back on top to act as the buns.

Hamburger Cupcakes - Perfect for a BBQ!

Hamburger Cupcakes - Perfect for a BBQ!

Seriously, how cute are these things? They are really adorable, AND they are easier to eat than regular cupcakes because the frosting is all inside. I think these are so much fun, and kids REALLY love them!

Hamburger Cupcakes - Perfect for a BBQ!

You can get more creative if you want by adding some “cheese” or other extras. I like the simplicity of these ones, though.

I think they’d be great for a DIY Cupcake bar, too! Let the kids add their own “ketchup and mustard” or other toppings you think up.

What do you think? Fun or freaky?

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  1. Wow how cool are those cupcakes, you are such an accomplished baker. Thanks for linking up to #tastytuesdays, please can you add my badge or link back, thanks πŸ™‚

  2. These are just plain awesome. I know for a fact that my entire family would love these.

  3. What a cute idea. This will be great for birthday parties. There’s one coming up and I’d like to make this.

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