Homemade “Magic” Snow Kids Craft Activity

Whether the weather is hot or cold outside, playing in the snow is always a good time. But if you can’t get the real thing or just don’t want to deal with the cold and wet, this simple two-ingredient “magic” snow is the perfect kids activity to keep children busy for an afternoon.

This craft originally appeared on this site back in 2014 as a fun afternoon experiment for my toddlers. We created this “magic” snow with just some baking soda and cheap coconut hair conditioner.

baking soda with hair conditioner and glitter

It was amazing how well it worked. The “snow” was just perfect. Crumbly, but easy to pack together, weirdly cold without being frozen, and obviously it resembled the real thing since it was pure white!

close up of a glittery pile of fake snow

Since that fun day so long ago, we’ve made it again and again over the years, and we recently introduced our fourth and final son to the fun of “magic” snow. He enjoyed it just as much as his big brothers, and they all spent an entire afternoon crowded around the kitchen table making mini snowmen.

a tiny snowman made of homemade craft snow

Over the years we have tried adding different ingredients to see if we could make it better, but really and truly, the very best thing is just baking soda and Suave coconut hair conditioner.

measuring baking soda into a bowl
measuring hair conditioner into a bowl
measuring hair conditioner into a bowl of baking soda

We did add a bit of sparkle this time, though, with some pale glitter we had in the craft cupboard, and it gave it a little extra fun the kids said they liked.

adding glitter into a mix of baking soda and conditioner
a mixture of baking soda and hair conditioner in a bowl to make magic snow

As with the original, we kept the mess contained by using a baking sheet, but I’ll warn you in advance that it will probably still get everywhere. Luckily it’s easy to vacuum.

children's hands playing with a magic snow craft
children's hands playing with a magic snow craft
children's hands playing with a magic snow craft
children's hands playing with a magic snow craft

Here’s the trick to making it – especially if you decide to make more than the original recipe –

Add more baking soda than you think. The concoction gets a bit wet at times, and you really want it to be more crumbly. So eyeball it until you think it’s right. If it gets too dried out, you can squirt a couple drops of conditioner in there.

close up of a glittery pile of fake snow

Like I said before, it does stay really cool to the touch, which is kind of amazing. Not frost-bite cold, but just quite cold, which gives that realistic snow feeling.

children's hands playing with a magic snow craft

It keeps really well in a Ziploc bag or an airtight container, and it doesn’t really go bad unless your kids start adding lots of stuff to it. Mine have grubby little peanut butter hands, so they have sometimes made it disgusting in record time.


The good news is that this stuff genuinely takes only a couple of minutes to throw together, so it’s simple to make and very very cheap. You can run to the dollar store if you don’t have the ingredients on hand already.

close up of a glittery pile of fake snow

Also, can we take a minute to remember back to six years ago and how cute my firstborn was the very first time we made this craft???

Playing with "Magic Snow"

I mean, this was back before he could talk back to me or stomp off in a huff because I dared to ask him how his school day was. This was when he used to actually enjoy craft time and didn’t just want to go play on his computer!

Playing with magic snow, made with baking soda and hair conditioner!

Heart. Melted.

Seriously happy kid playing with "magic snow"

Ahem. Anyway, this craft is absolutely perfect for a small play date with three or four kids, and it’s a wonderful sensory play activity that is great for older babies and toddlers. As long as they are supervised so they don’t try and eat it (conditioner isn’t the tastiest), it’s a wonderful messy play activity.

If you want another great DIY that can use up the rest of your conditioner, try our Homemade Play Dough. It’s a little more intensive, but just as much fun!

children's hands playing with a magic snow craft

Homemade "Magic" Snow Kids Craft Activity

Yield: 1 batch
Prep Time: 2 minutes
Active Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 7 minutes
Difficulty: Easy
Estimated Cost: $2

Homemade "Magic" Snow is a fun and cheap craft you can make with kids. It's a wonderful preschool or toddler activity that will keep children amuse for hours. Just three ingredients from the dollar store, and you've got happy kids!


  • 2.5 C Baking Soda
  • 1 C Hair Conditioner
  • 1 TBSP Glitter (optional)


  • Medium Plastic Bowl
  • Spoon
  • Measuring Cups
  • Measuring Spoons


  1. Measure your baking soda into your bowl.
  2. Add in your hair conditioner.
  3. Stir together until combined.
  4. Add in more baking soda if needed until mixture is crumbly but able to be packed together like real snow.
  5. Add glitter
  6. Stir again until glitter is dispersed


You can add different colors of glitter to add visual interest if desired. You could also add food coloring to color the "snow" if you wanted to change it up, but be sure to wear plastic gloves to protect your hands if you decide to do so.

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  1. This worked perfectly! Thank you. A little advice — do not add food Cole. My granddaughter and I made ours magenta. When we were done playing we had magenta fingers.

    1. Oh no! We have definitely made that mistake in the past with other crafts. Food coloring definitely has a habit of staining fingers and other items. I’ve learned that if you do want to color things, use the smallest amount possible (1-2 drops), mix it with your liquid first (the hair conditioner in this case), and then mix everything with a spoon first before touching it with hands. A lot of times this will allow the color to disperse and lose its potency so that it won’t stain as badly or even at all. Another possibility is to use disposable gloves, but it’s not nearly as fun. I’m glad it worked for you, though!

  2. I’m doubling it, so I started with 5 cups soda and 2 cups conditioner. I’ve probably added at LEAST 5 more cups of soda but the mixture is still sticky and not really clumpy. Any ideas what to do?

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