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How to Get More from Pokestops on Pokémon Go

by Katie Reed

How to Get More from Pokestops on Pokémon Go


The latest Pokémon Go craze has everyone out and about, trying to catch ‘em all! Pokéballs are necessary to catch these creatures, and you start with a few once you sign up for an account. But how do you get more Pokéballs?


There are likely several Pokéstops available in your area. They can usually be found at churches, historic monuments, and popular locations. A local college here has about 10 Pokéstops, and a park down the road has 8!

On the map, they look like this…

How to Get More from Pokestops on Pokémon Go

In order to benefit from a Pokéstop, you have to get your trainer close enough so that the icon changes to look more like a Pokéball. Then you can click on it and spin the circle to get Pokéballs as well as other helpful items like Incense and Razz Berries.

Getting More Out of Pokestops on Pokémon Go

Plan your route. Take a look at the GPS map on your Pokémon Go app. You will see any nearby Pokéstops. Make sure you will be driving or walking by as many as you can to keep your bag filled with items.

Hit the same Pokéstops again. You can spin each Pokéstop and get goodies every 5 minutes. If you are in a park or area where there are many stops, you will want to use this to your advantage.

Add a Lure Module. When you add a lure module to a Pokéstop, it helps attract more Pokémon to catch. So, not only will you be getting items from your spins, you can also get more Pokémon!

How to Get More from Pokestops on Pokémon Go

You can benefit when other players add a lure module to a Pokéstop too. When you come upon one that looks like it’s been showered in confetti, you know there will be likely be lots of Pokémon nearby to catch.

Keep tabs on your bag. Your bag will only hold 350 items, though sometimes it will allow you to overfill it to about 375 items. When you level up, you get lots of helpful things to use, so it seems the app will not make you lose those just because you have a bag that’s full.

Still, you should keep track of what’s in your bag so that you don’t miss out on getting items from Pokéstops. You will rack up some less important items like potions and revives.

You do need to keep about 30 of each on hand, especially if you will be playing gyms. The rest could be trashed to make room for more Pokéballs. To toss anything you don’t want, click on the trashcan beside it. Choose the number of items to delete and click “Delete”.

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