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How To Master Spring Cleaning

How To Master Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning is a huge task, and while it can seem overwhelming, it’s definitely necessary! Keeping your home clutter free is important and the best part about Spring cleaning is that you can donate any things you don’t need anymore to help others who might need what you don’t. There are tons of different ways to go about Spring cleaning but these tips will help you master Spring cleaning and having your house shining in no time!

How to Master Spring Cleaning

Separate it into sections

This is one of the best ways to master your Spring cleaning. Separate all the work you have to do into sections. Whether it’s by type of items or room, you’ll find it much easier to complete when you’re able to mark off entire sections as completed. Often, it’s easiest to section your to-do list into different rooms. Once you finish an entire room, mark it off your list, and make your way through the rest of your Spring cleaning!

Get a to-do list

Whether you just make your own and write it down, find one on Pinterest, or create your own spiffy list, make sure you have something to look to. You can write things down that need to be done as you go and remember them, or sit down prior and try to write everything out. It’s hard to master your Spring cleaning without a visual list of what needs to be done because it’s very easy to overlook smaller sections of the house like closets and nooks!

Try to get as much deep cleaning done as you can

When people think about Spring cleaning, they typically think of organizing things and putting them away where they belong. While decluttering is an essential part of successful Spring cleaning, it’s also important to try and get some deep cleaning done! It’s a great time to clean things like baseboards, walls, ceiling fans, and anything else that might get neglected during the year.

Repurpose things!

Have tons of mason jars that you don’t use anymore? Repurpose them into some cute decor! If you’ve got bookshelves or dressers that aren’t being used, consider turning them into something else, repainting them to suit the decor, or using the wood to make something entirely new! If you can’t think of something crafty to do with it, do a quick Pinterest search to see if anyone else has thought of a way to repurpose it! If not, and you have no use for it, toss it in the donation pile and let somebody else get some use out of it!

Do you do Spring cleaning every year? What is your favorite part?