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How to Pack for Traveling with a Baby

This post was written in partnership with Evivo. All opinions are my own.

Now that Memorial Day is here and gone, it’s officially travel season. And when it comes to traveling with kids and babies, I have a wealth of knowledge and experience. Who can forget all the insane road trips we’ve taken with our boys over the years? Not to mention moving from one country to another with a 15 month old baby!? Then moving again from one side of the country to the other with TWO babies??

My point is that I have finally perfected the art of packing – at least when it comes to how to pack for traveling with a baby. Here are my top five items you NEED for any trips you’re about to take with a little one.

photo of a woman's hands packing spare diapers into a pink diaper bag.

1. Cloth Diapers

I have so many stories about what can go wrong when traveling. One of the worst things I ever had to deal with was when we road-tripped from Florida to Utah with two kids under two when I was seven months pregnant. Our second day on the road, my infant son had one of the worst monster diaper blowouts EVER. It got everywhere, and it stunk to high heaven.

His clothing, his car seat, and everything in a two foot radius was covered in baby diarrhea. It was a mess, and it was a huge lesson learned.

I now suggest that parents invest in at least two cloth diapers to use when traveling with infants. Even if you’re not a cloth-diapering family, using one over a disposable diaper can actually be so useful. They are waterproof and non-absorbent, so they will hold in whatever your baby puts out just long enough for you to get them somewhere where you can clean them up.

I love the variety of patterns you can find, as well!

2. A Spare Change of Clothes

I think most moms generally have at least one change of clothing for their baby in their diaper bags. But it’s always a good idea to grab an extra outfit for others who may be traveling with you.

Sometimes messes can strike out of nowhere. When my son had his massive blowout (which is only one out of MANY times this has happened), I was covered in his mess just as much as he was. And since I couldn’t easily access my suitcase, I was forced to sit in filthy clothes until we made it to our hotel at the end of the day!

Now I am sure to keep spare clothing for myself, as well. This is especially important when traveling by plane, as it’s extra-embarrassing to be caught out looking and smelling awful when you have loads of people around you!

3. Nose Drops and a Snot Sucker

This is a two for one because I find they work best together. Traveling between different climates can be horrible for your baby’s sinuses. And if you’re traveling on an airplane it’s even worse! The recycled air is sure to dry out their noses and make them congested.

I suggest some baby-friendly saline nose drops and a good snot-sucking device. You can often find them sold together in a pack, and they are an absolute necessity for keeping your baby comfortable and in peak condition!

4. A Good Probiotic

Because it is so easy for babies to get sick during travel, making sure they have a good immunity boost is always a good idea. It’s easier to be proactive in preventing illness than it is to try to treat an illness after the fact.

I always recommend Evivo as my probiotic of choice for babies. It’s a clinically proven probiotic specifically made for babies. Simply mix it with a few mL of breast milk, and feed it to your baby once a day. They can take it from day one, and it can help boost immunity and guard against colic, eczema, allergies, diabetes, and obesity!

Even better is that I’ve found it helps prevent those diaper blowouts from happening! I’ve been using it with my youngest baby for months, and he went from a huge blowout every day to it happening very rarely!

5. Disinfectant Wipes

When traveling, it is so easy to come into contact with germs. Since babies are extremely susceptible to illness, I am always reaching for disinfecting wipes to help keep our immediate area clean.

I use them for everything from wiping down airplane trays to cleaning toys and pacifiers that fall on the floor. It’s an easy way to make sure your child isn’t exposed to unnecessary germs which could otherwise make them sick.

Other Things to Consider

When traveling with a baby, your hands are going to be full most of the time. I would definitely recommend investing in a backpack-style diaper bag to keep your items secure and your hands free.

Another thing I love and would never be without is my Mommy Hooks, which are these heavy-duty clips that you can put on pretty much anything to hold extra supplies! I have on clipped to my diaper bag and another on our stroller. They are like having an extra set of hands when you really need them!

One final piece of advice I would give is to always have baby-friendly bug spray and sunscreen. These are always better to have and not need than need and not have! Just be sure to check the size if you’re taking it on an airplane, as these count as liquid and may need to stay in your checked luggage!

Final Thoughts

Traveling with babies and kids can be an amazing experience full of rewards you could never imagine. But the pitfalls are there, too.

A little bit of preparation goes a very long way in ensuring you and your family have the absolute best travel experiences.

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