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Labor Day Fishing Fun

Labor Day Sunset

So Monday was Labor Day, and since we hadn’t done much all weekend (Mark had to work a LOT), we headed out to Tooele, UT to have dinner with Mark’s brother and his family. My lovely sister in law made some delicious Chicken Enchiladas, and the kids had a ball playing with their four cousins and all of their toys.

After we’d relaxed a bit, we decided it would be great fun to head up the road a bit and do a little evening fishing with the kids. So after the guys ran to get some worms from the store, we piled in two separate minivans and went to a local reservoir to have a go.

Reservoir in Tooele, UT

It was just the perfect little place for a family to go fishing.  It was very small, but it was big enough that we didn’t get in the way of others who were also trying to catch themselves some dinner.  The cousins had all been fishing before (though not this summer yet!), but for my kids it was their first time. Dexter was OVER THE MOON at it. He pretends to go fishing all the time at home. So to get to do it for real was a dream come true. Daniel, though, wasn’t all that fussed. He just wanted to throw rocks in the water and eat the bait (yes, he did… sigh).

Dad and Dan

Dad and Dex

It’s hard to articulate to a three year old that he must be patient, though. Every time we cast into the water, he would immediately want to reel it in and try again. We had to explain that the only way to catch a fish was to leave the line in the water. To his credit, he at patiently and only asked every few minutes if it was time to pull it in yet.

Dex fishing

You can imagine that with six kids and four adults fishing a tiny portion of shore line, it did get a bit loud and unruly at times. Bored children started shrieking and screeching, and littler ones thought it was more fun to throw rocks in the water. So it was no surprise that we didn’t really catch anything.

Except for me… I caught a bone. Seriously.

Fishing and catching a bone

My brother in law explained that it was probably a chicken bone someone had used to try and catch crawdads. I have to admit I was mighty relieved to hear this, as I had all sorts of weird ideas going through my head!

mom and Dex fishing

And while Mark isn’t much of an outdoorsman (at least not the fishing/hunting kind), this country girl was having a blast reliving my childhood spent on the banks of the Allegheny River. I loved sharing the experience with my boys, teaching Dexter how to cast properly (daddy might have had a less than stellar technique) and hoping to see him catch a fish. Luckily his uncle and his cousin both caught small ones that they showed him, and he was more than happy just to observe their luck.

Pregnant and fishing

Mark says that he knew I was really having fun because apparently whenever Dexter asked for his fishing pole back, I kept saying, “Hang on… let me do it one more time… just a sec… wait…” Oops. Bad mama.

I admit, though, that I didn’t really take over for long. I’m supposed to be on bed rest, so I spent most of the trip just sitting in a chair and taking photos of all the kids. It was only when the overwhelming feeling of NEEDING to fish came over me that I actually got up and joined in.

Mom and Dad

All in all it was a really nice Labor Day. I am so happy we are living in a place with so much to do and see. Our kids don’t yet know how lucky they are, but I know they will come to appreciate the awesomeness.

What did you get up to over Labor Day?

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