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Makeup Tutorial – Poison Ivy

Makeup Tutorial – Poison Ivy

Makeup has such an amazing power to transform us into people more comfortable in our own skin. We can use it day to day to feel our best, or we can change things up and REALLY go for it. Why wait for Halloween to be someone new and different? Today, we have our amazing model helping us create the look of Poison Ivy, the evil temptress from Batman comics. You might have seen Uma Thurman’s sexy version in 1997’s Batman & Robin film (one of the worst films ever!). Poison Ivy is quite the interesting character. Look, but don’t touch!

This makeup tutorial involves lots of green! We used three shades of green on her eyelids, and another shade on her eyebrows. You could do green lips, too, but I thought it looked pretty cool with bright red lips!

Start with a light foundation, to really make the green colors POP!

Next, add a dark green to your entire eyelid. We did the crease of her eyelids with a medium green, and then right under her eyebrows we used a lime green.

Use a medium/dark green for your eyebrows, and add glitter for the full effect.

A double cat-eye with liquid eyeliner completes this look, along with some thick mascara.

For fun, make a leaf covered headband or just add a few leaves to your hair with rubber bands.

This is such an easy costume to put together for any parties you might be invited to. Simply pair the makeup with any green outfit you have (a leotard and green tights, maybe?) or if you’re really hard up, some camo! Super fun!

Poison Ivy Makeup Tutorial

Anna Wright

Saturday 11th of March 2017

Oh gosh! I never expect this!