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A Mother Thing is an award-winning family lifestyle blog focusing on real-life anecdotes from a frazzled mother of three young boys. The blog offers recipes, crafts, home & garden ideas, and tons of from-the-heart writing about modern parenthood.

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Dedicated to providing high-quality, honest and entertaining content, we know what our readers enjoy and strive to give it to them every day. The audience trusts us to share in authentic and positive ways, which is how we choose to work with brands. All products and services we discuss are shared organically and interwoven with real-life stories that resonate with our readers.

Who Are We

Katie has been blogging through various channels since 2001 and has written for many larger websites including HuffPost, Scary Mommy and iVillage. She started this blog in 2010 as a way to document her first pregnancy and life as a new mother. Since then, it has grown into a successful family lifestyle blog with thousands of followers across the world. She is an artist, a writer, a podcaster and a video blogger who loves cooking, crafting and traveling to locations near and far.

Mark is the Chief Technical Officer of a small software company based out of Newport Beach. He helps with the back end of the site and keeps things running smoothly. He is an avid outdoorsman who loves nothing more than surfing, snowboarding, hiking and anything that gets his adrenaline pumping.

The boys are Dexter (2011), Daniel (2013) and Chester (2014) – three blond-haired, blue-eyed bundles of fun who love tech, toys and travel.

Statistics (as of March 2017)

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In 2016, I won the BlogHer Voices of the Year for the category MOMents that Matter, reading my winning post on stage. It was a great moment in my life! You can read the post, “To My Friend on the Birth of Your First Child” here. 

If you’d like to work together, please feel free to email me at [email protected] I’d love to see how we might collaborate!


I’ve been lucky enough to work on some wonderful campaigns with brands. Here are a few of my favorites:

Similac Sisterhood of Motherhood

I was approached by Similac in late 2014 to be one of their blogging ambassadors for the coming year. As I’d just given birth to my third baby, I was automatically enthusiastic. In my capacity as ambassador, I was able to attend the Mom 2.0 Summit in Scottsdale, AZ on behalf of the brand, helping out at their booth on the expo floor and speaking to other bloggers/moms about the Sisterhood of Motherhood campaign. At the conference, I was interviewed on camera and included in a commercial for the brand.  I also was able to travel to New York City to be part of a panel in conjunction with the TODAY Parenting Team to discuss the importance of the message behind this amazing campaign.

The Sisterhood of Motherhood – An Introduction
It’s As Simple as Support
The Reality of Motherhood
8 Things I Feel Most Guilty About on Monday Mornings
Let’s End the Mommy Wars and Overcome Judgement
Similac and TODAY Parents Are Teaming Up to #EndMommyWars
Get Involved to Help #EndMommyWars

Kia #KiaMom 

I love Kia. I own a Kia. I actually am kind of obsessed with Kia. So I love that I was able to partner with them on a couple of great posts, as well as appearing in a few of their videos filmed at the Mom 2.0 Conference in Scottsdale, AZ in 2015.

My Kia, My Family
I Stole a Car

Know Your OTCs

I met the people behind Know Your OTCs at the Mom 2.0 Conference in Scottsdale, AZ in 2015. Many months later, at the beginning of 2016, they approached me to do a six month ambassadorship for them, which I was really happy to do. I love campaigns which are informative and helpful to families, and understanding proper usage, storage and disposal of medications is such an important topic.

The Cold Hard Truth About Winter
This Valentine’s Day, Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is, and Be Sweet To Your Teeth
In the Blink of an Eye
How to Safely Dispose of Your Over the Counter Medications
Self Care is Not Selfish – How To Put Yourself First
Pediatric Overdosing – What You Need to Know

Lean Cuisine

I worked with Lean Cuisine in late 2015 doing a short term ambassadorship for them to bring attention to their newest range of foods. I loved working with them, as I buy their meals and know how delicious they are.

Feed Your Phenomenal with Lean Cuisine
My Most Phenomenal Friend
A Phenomenal Recovery with Lean Cuisine

Payless Shoes

I worked with Payless over the holiday season of 2015. As I am a Payless shopper, it was a natural partnership that reminded people about the value and selection of an often underestimated brand.

Be on Trend This Holiday Season at Payless
Get Great Value on Kids’ Shoes at Payless
There’s a Great Selection of Shoes and Accessories at Payless this Christmas


I have worked with Poise on several posts since mid-2015 to discuss the often taboo subject of Light Bladder Leakage. It’s not a comfortable subject for many women, so I wanted to shed some light on it and find the fun in something that many of us go through.

Find Your Peace of Mind with Poise Impressa
Make More Moments that Matter with Poise
Impressed with Impressa


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