Why We Need to Stop Making Fun of Donald Trump

Donald Trump
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  1. Julie says:

    I love what you have said. I’m not sure I’m qualified to comment as I British and live in the UK, I don’t even have any relatives in the US, but we have had a lot of coverage here (the news is literally just Trump & Brexit here at the moment) . But I have been thinking the exact same thing as you say. I don’t like Mr Trump and what he stands for but where is the higher ground? How can you criticise someone for being disrespectful whilst being disrespectful yourself. That said, all the marches yesterday made me feel very hopeful for humanity (even if some of the banners and signs were a little more than I would have wanted to say)

  2. I do want to say that one of the reasons that people are afraid is that the media are very negative when it comes to Trump. He can do 10 good things but 1 that isn’t so good and that is what they will focus on. He’s already saved jobs and he’s just started. He wants to save jobs and help our economy. He will appoint a conservative chief justice. That alone can make a considerable difference in the future. Can people focus on what’s important? Turn off the fake news, a lot of which is not only slanted but inflammatory. Judge what Trump does. Look at your 401K in a few years. Let’s give this man a chance to do what he was elected to do… fix this flagging economy. Thanks for bringing up this most important topic. What happened to civility in America? Best wishes, Linda

  3. thank you for this post! this is exactly what i feel, there’s this double standard when it comes to trump. the love trumps hate campaign is hypocritical if your behavior towards him or others (regardless of politics) is hateful. and all the children who went to the marches, or are hearing that it’s ok to call names or make fun of others, and celebrities that are also doing it with a microphone and a giant platform,,,where’s the respect you say you are teaching your kids?! there’s a way to stand up for what’s right and be the bigger person that doesn’t turn you into the bully you claim to rally against. i also think this divides us even more as a country, and it is looked as a weakness that we now have if we can’t at least appear united for our country.

  4. Kellie says:

    You are right about the lack of common decency and civility in our nation. Spitting on gold star families, picking on a 10 year old, and screaming you want to blow up WH are just a few examples that should not ever be tolerated in modern society. The women’s march that didn’t speak for all women and was lacking in any kind of organized view lead me to question marchers sanity. Did they forget they live in America where they do have rights as opposed to other countries that enslave, torture, and kill women over nothing? Crying over an election? Please, we stood by while Barack divided our nation and made us all feel unsafe. It is time for Trump to be given a chance. If it doesn’t pan out then use your rights to vote him out. Just stop this madness.

  5. janice says:


    God Bless America

  6. WebMDiva says:

    Thank you SO much for this post!

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