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New Years Resolution Ideas for Moms

New Years Resolution Ideas for Moms

Finding New Years resolution ideas can be difficult sometimes. Some experts will tell you they need to be very specific so that you can accurately measure your success. Others will tell you they need to be more broad so that you can keep your definition of success subjective to your own ideals.

The truth is that New Years resolution ideas are everywhere you look. You can find them in the most unexpected places. I am all about centering my resolutions around the most important aspects of my life – in this case, for 2020, I’ve created some New Years resolution ideas for moms.

new years resolution ideas for moms

New Years Resolution Ideas For Moms on a Mission

If you’re looking for resolutions that will help you get in shape or “better yourself” in some specific physical way, we’ve got a few ideas that can help. These resolutions are for moms who mean business.

go to the gym more
Get to the gym… just make sure you know where (and what) it is.
dance like no one is watching
Dancing is great exercise. It’s perfect for getting your heart rate up and your dance moves are totally on fleek. (I’m pretty sure that’s what the kids say these days)

New Years Resolution Ideas For Moms Who Want More Style

These are resolutions for us women who lack the “fashion gene.” Helpful resolutions to make more of an effort to up our style stakes.

wear more flattering clothes
Look, just because it’s comfy doesn’t mean it looks good.
yoga pants are for yoga
This one hurts.

New Years Resolution Ideas For Moms Who Are a Little Lazy

Oh man, these are resolutions for moms who aren’t really the best of housekeepers. Or maybe not even the most “on top of it” kinds of parents. The kinds of moms who go with the flow and don’t mind a bit of mess but realize they probably should be making more of an effort. Moms like me.

vacuum more often
Even if you think it’s good for their immune system, they can’t possibly get into all the nooks and crannies….
give kids more chores
Kids are slow, but they’ll never get any faster unless they practice
teach babies not to eat from trash
It makes for hilarious stories, but it’s probably not going to be funny when CPS shows up
be more prepared
But I mean… don’t NOT buy the condoms and pregnancy tests…

New Years Resolution Ideas For Moms Practicing Self Care

These resolutions are for the mamas who give their all for everyone else but fail to make time for themselves. The kinds of women who have the best of intentions but always end up taking care of kids and partners and friends and sometimes end up resenting it.

find a hobby
Might I suggest those paint and wine classes?
read more books
Binge watching your favorite show is great and all, but have you tried staying up all night to finish Woman Last Seen in Her Thirties??
less pee time more me time
You are not the only person capable of cleaning up pee puddles your kids have left around the house. Let your partner pick up the slack and go watch Handmaid’s Tale.
more date nights
It’s easy to get in a relationship rut when you never get out of the house. Try and get more time in with your partner and make date night a priority this year!
craft more
Keep it simple. Find a few easy projects you think you could do and give them a try. I bet you surprise yourself!
less whine more wine
If all else fails, get a bottle of two buck chuck and go to town.

There you have it. New Years resolution ideas that every mom can relate to in some way. I hope you enjoyed them and had a good chuckle. Going into the new year, we could all stand to have more laughter and fun.

What’s your favorite?

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.