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Trolls Fizzy Chalk Spray | Upcycle empty bottles and "Bunch o Balloons" into this super cute kid craft!

DIY Trolls Fizzy Chalk Spray Paint

If you’ve been to your local Target or other big box store recently, you may have seen the huge selection of chalk “spray paint.” It’s

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Wondering what to pack in your hospital bag? Can’t decide which stroller to buy? Want to know if that product you saw is just a fad or really useful? Check out our storefront to find the absolute best mom and baby products you actually need.

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Life as We Know It
skin to skin with new baby

Chester’s Birth Story

Birth stories are hard for me to write, and I’m not entirely sure whether they’re appreciated by the masses or not. But I do try

A Girl Walks Into a Bar…

Maybe you’ve heard this one. This chick has recently split with her husband, and in an effort to move on, she creates a profile on

21 week pregnancy bump

Pregnancy Diary – 21 Weeks

Another week has flown by, and the big news this week is that we’ve got officially LESS time left in the pregnancy than I’ve already