The Picture I Hesitate to Publish

#FamilyPicADay2017 - Family photos every day of 2017
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  1. None of your business says:

    You are seriously twisted lady. Bathing with kids that old is just sick!

    1. Angelina says:

      You are crazy! There is nothing sick about this!

  2. Donna says:

    No. Just no. Yourgoing to regrert doing this when they grow up to be rapists!

    1. Angelina says:

      OH. MY. GOD! Are you serious with this comment?? Her kids will be RAPISTS because they bathed with her?? You are insane!

  3. Aimee Sue says:

    Beautiful! Nothing wrong at all with bathing with kids! They are so little and don’t have any clue that there could be anything wrong! Enjoy it while you can!

  4. Ronald says:

    Sure. There’s nothing wrong with you taking a bath with your kids. But why the hell would you publish photos of it? Attention seeking and really rather disgusting to use your kids for fame. I’m so tired of seeing blogs like this.

    1. Angelina says:

      Maybe because she is trying to NORMALIZE the idea?? The photo doesn’t show anything it shouldn’t. And look at the conversation it started! We NEED people to normalize this!

  5. Lucille Danville says:

    Well I see nothing wrong with it. It’s a beautiful family moment immortalized forever.

  6. Rachel Neal says:

    Grow up to be rapists. What a small minded pratt. (The comment above) whats wrong with this… the answer is nothing. My kids are 2 and 5 and they see me naked all the time. Katie dont let the comments affect you. Love the pic, love you, love your family and love all your pics so far!! Some people are just so ignorant. Xxxx seriously though who thinks kids grow up to be rapists because they bathe with their parents!! Get a life!!!

  7. Hazel S says:

    What I find disgusting is you AND your husband being in there with them. One or the other could be acceptable but both is making it sexual. How will you explain to them why mommy doesn’t have a dangle? They are going to put it together and figure out sex before they should know anything about it. And you don’t know what they will do in private! It is disgraceful. You are opening yourself up to making them turn into sex crazy deviants and that will scar them and tar them with the wrong brush. There is a pornography epidemic in this world and this is why! You give them access to nude men and women and they’re imaginations run wild! Suddently they are trying on satisfy themselves and watching pornography instead of going to school. You seem like a good mother but you haven’t thought through the consequences from this. They’re going to come to you with questions they shouldn’t be asking until they are older. I hope you are ready.

    1. Angelina says:

      ARE YOU KIDDING?! WHAT is your damage lady! Kids are SUPPOSED to ask questions and you are SUPPOSED to answer them honestly! How is both parents making it sexual???? Parents bathe with their kids ALL THE TIME. Men AND WOMEN. And a PORNOGRAPHY EPIDEMIC?! WHAT! There are REAL epidemics in this world, and you are focusing on PORN!? Your mind is the one who made this sexual. The photo is completely natural! Ugh. It boggles my mind how such people like you can exist.

  8. Melissa Crawford says:

    Wow. I came here thinking how wonderful this was and imagining how many nice comments you would have. But instead it’s a bunch of small-minded sad-living little people with too much time on their hands.

    This is a beautiful photograph and you can see how happy all of you are. All I see is love. Thanks for sharing. My kids are older and I wish I could go back to this stage.

  9. Heidi Marin says:

    Some of these comments are insane! I’m completely in shock at how some people think! I mean – the lady who worries they’ll come and ask questions they aren’t ready for?? I got news for you lady! If they’re asking questions, they are ready for answers. Jesus. You don’t have to give them a graphic x-rated sex talk. There are age appropriate ways to discuss these subjects. And the guy who said they’d all be rapists?? What the hell are you smoking?? That is asinine! Rapists are not made through loving families bathing together. These are clearly young kids who have zero interest in anything but the bubbles and water. Plus – just by looking at the photo there is no way of knowing if they are actually naked. They could just as easily be wearing swimsuits.

    People astound me.

  10. Liam says:

    You do you mama.

  11. Rebecca Minton says:

    It’s your life and your kids. If people have a problem, it’s THEIR problem. Don’t let it get you.

  12. Erza says:

    Wonderful article and a great idea on the family photos, I hope you don’t take the trolls to heart.
    Unfortunately they have very twisted minds and opinions but remember they have an problem not you and their opinion is truly worthless .
    I love that you are a very real person that posts interesting blogs. Keep up the good work!

  13. Handsom Dan says:

    Gag me! I have only two words for you! VERY WRONG!

  14. Gary says:

    You are one sick ticket lady. Don’t try and normalize child molestation!

  15. Angelina says:

    There is NOTHING WRONG WITH THIS! I can’t believe these comments! People are genuinely sick in the head to think that kids bathing or showering with their parents is wrong. They are LITTLE KIDS! I am so angry! I bathe with my kids ALL THE TIME and there is NOTHING WRONG WITH THIS!

    1. Gary says:

      You are clearly a child molester too

      1. Amanda says:

        Just had to chime in and offer support here to help drown out the crazies, like Donna, Gary, Ronald, Hazel, and Dan. Totally nothing wrong with this! I love the family picture and the picture a day idea, what a great way to capture these moments when they are growing so quickly. As the mom of 2 young boys, I am fully aware of how time-strapped we all are as parents today, this to me looks like a brilliant pooling of time and resources!

  16. Lorie says:

    Wow. I don’t normally comment on blogs but just wanted to throw some support your way. I’m shocked at the things people are saying. Our kids and 6, 4, and 2 and I shower with them. Sometimes it’s just quicker and easier. And I have boys and a girl. Of course they know that boys have a penis and girls have a vagina… they should. This is a cute photo. People are truly insane. It’s one thing to not feel comfortable bathing with your kids yourself, it’s another to lash out and accuse you of being a child molester and saying your kids will be rapists. Utterly ridiculous. Bodies are bodies. Those same people making inane comments probably have no issue with scantily clad Victoria’s Secret models but yet want to turn something sweet and innocent into something it’s not. They’re the sick ones.

  17. Ally says:

    I couldn’t believe my eyes with some of these negative comments. Disagree if you shall with the whole “bathing with your kids” (your family, your choice) but refrain from taking thing out of place and context. I can only hope the horrible comments come from either attention seekers or (i beg) people who are not parents and in no way influence any kind of children education.
    You go, Katie! These precious moments are few and short. Bond with your boys so they become strong balanced adults who will lead healthy happy lives and do some good. And good luck with your project!

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