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Planning For A New Baby – Monochrome Nursery Theme

Now that I’m more than halfway through this fourth pregnancy, and the kicks and prods in my belly are becoming more and more noticeable, I realized it was probably time to start planning for actually HAVING the baby. Since Chester is still using his crib right now, I have been trying to decide whether to buy a new one or to get him his own big-boy bed and start transitioning him. It’s a big step, and either way I will have to buy a new bed.

I’ve also had to decide how to split up the rooms with an extra child to think of. When we bought this house nearly two years ago, one of the things that I loved was that there were four bedrooms all on the same floor. One for my husband and I, and one each for our three boys. While we have three additional bedrooms in the house, they are on the main floor and in the basement, and I don’t like the idea of separating us all when my kids are so little!

As a result, I have decided to keep Dex and Dan to bunk beds in the same room and create the new baby his own nursery. This is rather exciting since I have NEVER been able to have an actual nursery for any of my kids! The closest I came was with Dexter, who had a crib and changing table in our tiny second bedroom when we lived in England. It wasn’t much of a nursery, but it was something. The rest of my kids have just had to make do with spaces in the corners of our bedroom!

I’m so excited to buy everything I need – not just for the nursery itself, but things like car seats and strollers, as well! After Chester was born, as he transitioned between each stage of babyhood, we gave away everything baby-related. So I literally have NOTHING for a newborn. Our stroller is broken, the old car seat is now expired, and even our crib bedding is old and stained.  I’ve been creating a list, and I’m hopeful I can find everything I need to make my nesting absolutely perfect!

Here’s what I’ve decided on so far!

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Planning For A New Baby - Monochrome Nursery Theme + 10 Must Have Items For Baby's Room


1 – 7 in 1 Convertible Crib

I adore this crib so much. It’s WAY cheap right now at only around $100. I’m going for the version in white. I love that the sides feature a gorgeous wave pattern. It looks so pretty and the reviews are stellar.

2 – Hypoallergenic + Waterproof Crib Mattress

This looks like a good mid-range mattress with a decent price point. It has a waterpoof encasement, which is PIVOTAL for a baby crib. We’ve had to deal with so many leaks and blow-outs over the years that I am adamant that any kid mattress MUST be easy to clean. It’s less than $50, so all in, our new crib will cost less than buying a new big boy bed. So I can transition Chester to a toddler bed (his crib is convertible), which should see him through for a few more years.

3 – Monochrome Crib Sheets

I have a real love of monochrome these days, so my plan is to have the entire nursery done in black and white. You’ll notice that the crib is a bright white, and I actually have an IKEA rug we already own which will be put into the nursery. I went ahead and bought a couple of 2-packs of these crib sheets to go with the theme.

4 – Monochrome Swaddle Blankets

I’m a BIG believer in swaddling babies. Firstly, it helps them to stay calm and to sleep well. And secondly, since you can’t really put a blanket in a baby’s crib AND this little one is going to be born at the beginning of winter, I want to make sure he is warm enough and feels quite secure. Sticking with the monochrome theme, this 3-pack of blankets is perfect!

5 – Changing Pad

After three kids, I’ve kind of realized what is important and what’s not when it comes to a newborn. One thing that I have decided is that I don’t NEED a whole changing table. I actually have a pretty credenza that I plan to move to the baby’s room to use for storage of diapers and clothing, and I will use it as a changing table. One thing that I WILL need, however, is a good quality changing pad. This one is perfect, with high sides and a safety belt to keep the baby secure. And it’s definitely in my price range!

6 – Playtex Baby Diaper Genie

Okay, let’s be honest – this is less of a necessity and more of a WONDERFUL and AMAZING convenience. We had one with our first son, and we haven’t had one since. But this time around, I’m really excited to have one in place. One of the real annoyances of changing a baby is having to hold on to a stinky leaking diaper and then take it down to the garbage. Then, each time you open your garbage can, you get the stench rushing out at you. A Diaper Genie is certainly an improvement on that endless cycle!

7 – Joovy New Room Playard

Moving outside of the nursery, I know that we are going to need a fabulous playard for the baby. Not just to play in, of course – that’ll come later. But having a portable crib/changing station for when you are elsewhere in the house OR traveling is essential. I LOVE the Joovy New Room Playard. The turquoise color is so cute, and it has EVERYTHING you need to create your own portable nursery.

8 – Monochrome Diaper Bag Backpack

If I’m truly honest, the diaper bag I REALLY want (and once had but gave to a friend for her rainbow baby!) is the Ju-Ju-Be Legacy Collection Be Prepared Diaper Bag in First Lady. I have seen it first hand, and I know it is an amazing quality bag with EVERYTHING you could want. But at nearly $200, it’s just not in my price range. So I was thrilled to find this super cute diaper bag backpack that is very similar in looks, has tons of features and is only $30! Score!

9 – Joovy Caboose Ultralight Graphite Stroller

Trying to figure out a stroller is always tough. I want something that works well with whatever car seat we decide on, and it has to be sturdy and durable since I have a lot of boys! And while my older boys are past stroller age, Chester is still unable to walk long distances, so choosing a stroller that two can use is imperative. I love this Joovy Caboose because it would allow Chester to ride tandem, either sitting or standing, which is perfect. It’s also compatible with a TON of car seats, so we should be good in that regard!

10 – Easy Close Baby Gate

I’ve learned from experience that a baby gate on the nursery door is non-negotiable. Big brothers are curious creatures, and they LOVE to bother the new baby in the name of love and cuddles. Having a baby gate keeps out those who would wake up or annoy the baby, but it lets the adults have easy access without having to break a leg trying to hope over the little fence. Later on, it also helps to keep the baby inside his room safe and sound.

For now, that’s what I’ve got on my list as must-haves. I am still trying to decide on the best car seat, and I will eventually have to buy some newborn clothes and diapers. But all in all, I think with these ten items, I’ll be set for a while with the necessities.

Anything I’ve forgotten? It’s been a while since I was a new mom, so I’m sure there’s SOMETHING I have overlooked. Let me know! It’s not long now until this stops being theoretical and starts being practical!

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