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11 Weeks

11 Weeks

I’m actually updating on the proper day for once! Woohoo! I’m 11 weeks today. Of course, I also had my 12 week appointment/scan this morning, and I’m glad to say that all is well.

Here’s the pertinent information.

The twelve week scan is also known as the “dating scan.” It’s when they get the truest representation of the baby’s due date. For me, I’ve had 4 different due dates based on different things. Firstly, by the date of my last period and  my normal cycle length, I should have been due on October 30th. Then, based on my last period and a normal person’s cycle length, my doctor declared a due date of October 24th.  Then I had a scan at 8 weeks, which showed that the baby was measuring two weeks behind, and my due date was changed to November 12th. Today, the baby is measuring a week AHEAD, with a due date of November 7th. HOWEVER – doctors are strange, and instead of moving my due date back, because it fell within a week of the first prediction, she has kept it to November 12th.

Are you as confused as I am? Well, that’s pregnancy for you!

At the twelve week appointment is also when all the scary tests commence. You might have a lot of information thrown at you, much of which will warn you of the particular things that can go wrong. From disease to disorders to all the myriad ways your baby can be compromised up to and including birth – you will be scared witless by the end. There are always lots of papers to sign at this point. You have to decide on which tests you want done. Since this is my third baby, I did not have to have the test for Cystic Fibrosis (if you are a carrier, your partner would have to be tested, as well – and luckily, I am not). But things like Down Syndrome and other problems can be tested for at this point, and if you think that you would like to know and be prepared (or if it would change your decision on whether or not to proceed with the pregnancy) it is up to you to get it done. For us, we are not inclined to have the test done simply because it would change nothing for us. We will love any child that we are given.

Anyway, my twelve week appointment went swimmingly, though it was cut rather short when my doctor was called away to go and deliver someone else’s baby. As a result, the brief glance I had of my beautiful little baby was not immortalized in a scan photo, and my poor husband will have to wait to see his next offspring since he was unable to come to this appointment. But I did see the very obvious baby shape within, and I got to see the flickering heartbeat on screen.

This last week has been difficult for me, emotionally and physically. Besides the fact that I cry at the drop of a hat, I’ve also had some pretty serious mood swings. I have no idea how my husband puts up with me because truly, I would have left me by this point. A tiny little disagreement can turn into an ugly shouting match in seconds, and I’m pretty sure I’ve threatened more than once to leave him or kick him out. THANKFULLY, ours is a forgiving relationship, and I am well aware that most of my bad moods stem from hormones, and I am able to calm down and apologise within minutes rather than letting it drag out. Thank god my guy is as easy-going as he is. He never lets on that he might hold any of it against me. Love him so much.

The other scary thing that happened involved me taking a fall off a piece of playground equipment while holding Daniel. I was seated behind Dexter on a giant frog, and I bent down to pick up his brother. As I pulled him up to my lap, I slid right off the back and landed square on my back, and all 23 lbs of the baby landed directly on my lower belly. There was some blood, and I was shaken up, but thankfully everything was okay.

I’ve also been dogged by a dastardly cold this week, and on Monday Mark had to put the children into daycare because I was too ill to even get out of bed. I wound up sleeping all day long, and I suffered some pretty severe headaches and body aches. My fever spiked at 103 at one point, which in pregnancy is NO BUENO! Luckily it was short lived, and though I am still not feeling 100%, I am doing much better.

So that’s really it. Only a couple more weeks until I’m officially into the second trimester (annoyed that by original estimates, I should be there by now!).  I’m rather excited to have got through my first major milestone (the twelve week appointment) and await results of the blood and urine tests they did. Hopefully everything will be as expected.

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Monday 28th of April 2014

Congratulations and I am so glad that all is well!


Thursday 24th of April 2014

I am so glad all is well after your fall. And I hope they adjust your dates for you, can't understand why they won't!! X x c

Nicolette Roux

Wednesday 23rd of April 2014

So glad everything is ok!

Those dates are pains in the butt! I cant recall my last LMP 20 something or other.. so I am either 12 or 13 weeks.. I would like a Nov baby, so I am telling the baby it is 12 weeks.. haha

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