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Pregnancy Diary – 16 Weeks

So today I am 16 weeks pregnant. What does that look like, I hear you ask?

Well, it looks a little like this:

16 week baby bump

Forgive the major fear face. My brother left a comment on my Facebook to say that “You look absolutely terrified of your own reflection.”  My (very honest) response? “That’s because I’m mentally berating myself for the 20 lb difference between this pregnancy and the last one!”

Yes, it is true that there is a little more of me to love this time around. In fact, I dug out my 16 week photo from the first pregnancy just so you can compare:

16 week baby bump

Of course, I also looked like this when I was 2 weeks pregnant last time:

Pre Pregnancy Photo

Doesn’t it just make you want to cry!? I will never have that body again! *sigh*

Anyway, I figured that I’m now far enough into this pregnancy to start keeping track of all the stuff that’s going on in a sort of weekly wrap up. I know that I tend to look online for other people’s experiences at various stages of pregnancy, so perhaps this will help others who are looking for a bit of information about what it’s all like.


  • I have a small bump which is situated like a tiny shelf just below my belly button. It is more obvious what is bump and what is fat when I’m laying down. Since the bottom of my belly stretches out due to the uterus, it pulls the upper fat flap out which gives me a much larger look. In a dress it is ESPECIALLY overstated. But the bump is actually not as big as it looks.
  • My morning sickness, which took a lovely several weeks-long break, has returned, and I’ve been violently ill after nearly every meal lately. It is vile and I hate it. The other night, I was barfing so hard that I got a nosebleed! Not awesome.
  • Sleeping is highly uncomfortable these days, and I find myself tossing and turning for most of the night. I am also obsessively thirsty and have to sleep with a litre of water next to my bed so that I can hydrate myself during my sleep.
  • Due in part to the aforementioned litre of water during the night and the baby sitting on my bladder AND the constant tossing and turning, I am up and down quite often to use the bathroom.
  • My body hair has taken to growing thick and fast, meaning I have to shave three times a day to have any relief from the constant prickles! I would just ignore it if not for the fact that we live in Florida and it is ungodly hot, forcing me to wear shorts at all times.
  • My skin has rebelled against me and become dry and flaky (even more so than usual!) and feels constantly itchy.
  • My hair has rebelled, as well, and I now have the look of a very greasy and gross teenager.


  • I’ve been having a hard time emotionally this time around. While I am exceptionally in love with my unborn baby, I am also finding it hard to accept the fact I’m really pregnant or that everything is well. I keep expecting something terrible to happen.
  • This emotional turmoil has been worse due to the antibiotics I was forced to take for the infection that I had a few weeks ago. Knowing that I was taking a drug that could cause some problems for the baby has made me more wary, and I’ve not been able to relax. Maybe once we have the 20 week scan and I know that all is still as it should be…
  • I cry. A lot. This happened in the last pregnancy, as well, and it is very disconcerting since I am the type of person who really holds her emotions inside most of the time. The other day, I was randomly flipping through movies and hit on the animated musical, Anastasia. In seconds, I was in floods of tears, hysterically sobbing because I couldn’t stop thinking about the slaughter of the Romanovs.  This happens a lot.
  • I am also overwhelmed. Everything feels like a big deal to me. Even keeping up with this blog has proven difficult, though I’ve no shortage of fun subjects to write about. I just can’t bring myself to do it! Part of that is due to low energy. But mostly it is just this general feeling of being overworked.

So that’s pretty much my sixteen weeks in a nutshell. I do not feel glamorous or like I am “glowing,” despite my lovely fiance assuring me that I am gorgeous and blooming. I just feel run down and gross.

BUT – and this is a really big but (let’s face it, I got a lot of butt these days!) – I am happy. Not the kind of happy that sees you smiling wide every second of the day and bouncing along telling everyone how great life is… but the kind of happy that allows me to appreciate my fabulous partner, my gorgeous son and my new role as incubator. I have a lot to be thankful for, and I don’t take it for granted.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.