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17 Weeks

17 Weeks
16 weeks pregnant third baby
16 weeks pregnant

Well today I am 17 weeks pregnant, and quite honestly – the shit has hit the fan. This week has seen no end of pregnancy drama (and by drama – I mean whining and moaning about completely normal pregnancy crap). Pull up a chair and let me tell you all about why my ass hurts and my boobs are on fire. Ay.

At my last OB appointment, I was warned by my doctor, “Don’t be alarmed – you may start experiencing some round ligament pain soon.” I laughed and replied, “Oh doc. Come on. This is my third baby. I totally know how to deal with round ligament pain. Puh-leaze.”

And then it all started. And it was SO. MUCH. WORSE. than before. I have constant aching pain in the sides of my belly, intermixed with shooting pain that comes and goes on its own schedule and the occasional random “gut punch” feeling that literally takes my breath away. I don’t remember it being like this in my previous pregnancies – but then again, I do tend to block it all out after I have the baby, so it’s just as likely that this has all been done before.

Then there is the ever-awesome sciatica that has reared up again this pregnancy. Imagine someone sticking a fiery poker into your butt cheek and then driving it down into the backs of your legs so that walking becomes equivalent to torture. Welcome to sciatica.

Add on to these my new-this-pregnancy foot and leg cramps, and whether I’m relaxing on the couch or walking in circles in the living room, my right foot starts to curl up in a tight “fist” and ache like crazy. My calves are in the same boat, pinching and tightening so that I have to stretch them in awkward ways to get relief, and for the first time ever, I’ve had to ask Mark for a foot/leg rub to help ease the pain.

And then we have the early return of that wonderful pregnancy symptom – Braxton Hicks! I always want to punch someone when they make a comment about how Braxton Hicks don’t hurt. EFF THEM. Braxton Hicks DO hurt (sometimes), and more than that – they can be quite scary. Contractions this early in pregnancy are terrifying, and with my history of going into early labor, I freak out every single time. Thankfully, they don’t last long, but they can be really quite panic inducing.

Another new thing that has been going on is that I’ve started having upper back and chest pain. It feels like someone is sitting on me, making it not only hard to breathe, but sending radiating waves of mild pain across my body. I’ve also noticed my shoulder blades feeling quite painful – almost like after I’ve had keyhole surgery and the gas was leaving my system. It’s a strange and unpleasant feeling.

17 weeks pregnant with third boy
17 weeks pregnant

By the way – if you are pregnant and experiencing all these sorts of symptoms – for god sake, do yourself a favor and DO NOT GOOGLE them. If you’re worried, call your doctor and let her reassure you, because if you try to figure it out on your own, you will only find trouble. There are a MILLION horror stories out there, some from women who have experienced it, some from friends and family of women who have experienced it, and some from “reputable sources” who warn of what it could all mean. Looking it up will convince you that you and your baby are about to die, and I swear the stress of what it MIGHT be is way worse than what you are actually experiencing – which is probably nothing out of the ordinary.

I think the last real complaint I have for this week is the frustrating return of my morning sickness, which took a nice little break for a week or so but came back with a VENGEANCE a few days ago. I was walking through Target with the hubby, and I started getting really nauseous at the smell of someone’s perfume. Then as we walked past the deli, the smell of roasting chicken made me feel even worse. When we walked into the parking lot, I got a whiff of exhaust fumes, and I totally lost it.

Holding bags of groceries, I started vomiting violently right next to our car. I couldn’t hold my hair back, so I got it all over myself. Mark was in the driver’s seat, playing with his phone, and I couldn’t get his attention. He knew I was being sick, but he swears he didn’t think it was that bad, so he didn’t offer help. At one point, he stuck his head out his window and yelled, “Hey! Are you still throwing up?” I couldn’t answer through my heaves, and the jerk just went back to playing on his phone. Grr. When I’d finally finished (after a few cat calls from angry shoppers clearly thinking I was a daytime drunk), I crawled into the passenger seat and sobbed quietly about the state of my hair. Hubs was mortified he’d not realized how bad it was, and he took me straight home and put me in a bath. Good man.

Anyway, that’s about it. If you missed the big news, last week we found out that we’re having a healthy baby boy. We will be having a more in-depth ultrasound in a few weeks, which will help to make sure that all is well with him, but at the moment we’ve no cause for worry.

I also wanted to thank all those people who left comments on my last post and who emailed and messaged me through facebook and other social media in support. I want to say I’m doing much better now. I have accepted that it is not my lot in life to have a daughter, and that is fine. I have plenty of beautiful nieces and friends with girls, and I can spoil them instead. I love my boys more than anything, and adding another brother can only mean further happiness.

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Ghostwriter mummy

Saturday 7th of June 2014

Oh you poor thing, you are really suffering :( but I am so glad you're feeling better after last week. You're going to have such a wonderful trio of handsome men! X x x


Thursday 5th of June 2014

Congratulations on having a boy. Sounds like a pretty rough week,. hope next week is better!

Erin Pocock

Wednesday 4th of June 2014

just as a head's up, the charlie horse aka severe cramping in your feet/legs is very common, and is because of a potassium deficiency. just try eating high potassium foods like:

Avocados Baked potato Bananas Bran Carrots Cooked lean beef Milk Oranges Peanut butter Peas and beans Salmon Seaweed Spinach Tomatoes Wheat germ


Wednesday 4th of June 2014

Oh you poor thing; i really feel for you. I'm in constant pain myself after emergency surgery for an aneurism so i ,sort of, know how you feel. When it gets rough just think about your lovely hubby, sons and the excitement to come with the new bundle of joy. Things can only get better right? Good Luck.

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