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Pregnancy Diary – 31 Weeks

A very quick update this week, as there’s not much new to report. I’ve been on bed rest for almost two weeks now, and while I am finding myself SOMEWHAT naughty in that I find it hard to STAY resting, I have been doing my best.

With the holidays to celebrate, I did make a few trips to WalMart/Target with Mark (utilising the really embarrassing mobility scooter shopping baskets!) for the purchase of necessities to the holiday. And I do keep forgetting that I’m not supposed to bend over, and I have found myself more than once stuck with my bum in the air and unable to get up.

Luckily I have an amazing partner in Mark, and he has done SOOO much to take care of me and Dex lately. He does all the cooking and cleaning and baby changing and everything else that needs done. I am so proud of him and thankful that I’m not stuck in this situation alone.

I had my first NST this morning, and I was hoping that the Procardia medication I’m taking to stop the contractions would have been enough to… well… stop the contractions. But unfortunately I still had three big ones while on the monitor, and as such my doc has continued my bed rest for a while. And with Mark now back at work as of today, I am finding it a real challenge to stick to it!

I think the biggest problem is that I have a BIG desire to clean. Nesting is setting in, and Mark has absolutely forbidden me to do it. I know he will do anything I ask of him, but since I am kind of going crazy wanting to scrub the apartment from top to bottom with a toothbrush, I think it’s a bit too much to put on him. Ah well.

I have another test next week, so hopefully all will be well and I can convince my doctor to let me move freely again.

For now, I am just enjoying baby wiggles! Little man is still breech, which is frustrating, but not the end of the world. The nurse who put me on the monitors today said that she’d NEVER had such a difficult baby to monitor, as he was SO high up that his heartbeat was DIRECTLY next to MY heartbeat. The monitors were right on top of one another!

I like to think that our guy is soothed by my heart beating so close to his.

In other news, we have definitively chosen a name for this kid, and it is NOT going to be Felix after all! Can you believe it?! After months of deliberating, we just didn’t feel it was right. So we have chosen a brand new name which I think is perfect. And I can’t wait until he arrives. Even Dexter had a part in naming him, as his second middle name is Dexter’s favorite cartoon character!

Exciting stuff!

Anyway, here’s this week’s bump photo.

31 weeks

I’m keeping fingers (and legs!) crossed each week that we get to keep the pregnancy going.

And I really wanted to thank all of you who have been so lovely in sending me your good wishes and personal experiences of early birth. It is amazing to feel so supported. Hopefully things are settling down and we will be blessed with a happy and healthy little bubba sometime in the next nine weeks. I can’t wait!

Pregnancy Diary - 30 Weeks

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