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Pregnancy Diary – 32 Weeks

Another week where I’m late with my update, but considering the circumstances, I’m sure you’ll forgive me.

I woke up yesterday morning after a rough night of sleep. In the last week, I’ve been suffering from the worst cough I’ve ever experienced. It is a very dry, unproductive cough, which has been making me feel completely out of breath and like I’m going to pass out at any given point. Add to this the added bonus of throwing up constantly (due to coughing so hard) and the pregnancy-related bladder control issues which have necessitated me buying stock in Tena pads, and you’ll appreciate that it’s been a bit of a rough week.

Night times are the hardest, as laying down makes me cough even harder.

I’d been holding out all week, knowing that I had a doctor’s appointment on Thursday, and I planned to ask my OB for something to help me. Robitussin (which is on my safe medications list I was given in my first appointment) was sadly not TOUCHING the cough at all, and I was really starting to feel that the next cough might be the one to send a baby shooting out of me!

Luckily, before my appointment, I was cognizant enough to take my 32 week bump photo for your enjoyment.

32 weeks

I then managed to get myself to my appointment while Mark watched Dexter at home. I was slightly worried about driving when coughing so hard, but luckily I made it safe and sound. Wouldn’t recommend it to others, though, and won’t be trying it again!

Anyway, once in, I did my standard pee test and got weighed. The nurse was slightly chastising as she noted that I’ve lost 8 lbs in the last two weeks. I’m not really sure why that would be, as I’ve been eating MORE lately due to constant hunger! But either way, I’m a big girl and not in any danger of starving to death.

She then took my blood pressure, which was 136/85, a much higher than normal reading. Especially for me. I normally am around the 90/60 range. I put it down to the constant coughing, though, and no one said anything more.

After sitting in the little room for about fifteen minutes waiting for the doctor, the nurse returned and said I should have told her I was due my weekly NST, as we could have been doing that instead of sitting idly. I said I hadn’t known what was meant to happen, as I thought this was a normal doctor appointment separate from the NST. She seemed annoyed at me. As she hooked me up to the machine, she asked where the heartbeat is usually found. I told her that the baby has always been breech, so the HB is usually right up by my ribcage. Again, she was really rude and condescending, and her doubt was proven correct, as she found the HB in the bottom left of my abdomen. I am hoping this means he has FINALLY changed positions. Yay!

Anyway, because of my cough and such, I’d been having a lot of contractions for the past couple of days. So I figured there might be one or two caught on the machines. To my surprise, when the doctor came in 20+ minutes later, there had been several strong contractions, each almost exactly 4.5 minutes apart! I hadn’t realized how regular they were!!

As one would expect, she was concerned about their strength and regularity, and I admitted that I haven’t been able to take my Procardia because of the coughing/vomiting. That’s when she told me that the readout is indicative of me being in labor! OH. MY. GOSH.

She said we need to get the cough under control immediately, and then get back on the Procardia. If we couldn’t get the contractions stopped within a few hours, she wanted me to head directly to Labor and Delivery so I could get a fetal fibronectin test and the steroid injections to make sure our baby’s lungs would be developed enough for early delivery.

I was given a prescription for a cough medicine with codeine in it, and she told me to get it immediately, as it would stop my cough and allow me to take my Procardia.

So after I came home and freaked out Mark (interrupting his weekly meeting with the head of his company, D’OH!), we went and got the cough syrup, and I took it. Throughout the afternoon/evening, I took three doses, and with all three, I had a VERY bad reaction. I ended up throwing up repeatedly!  Poor Mark had to clean up the first mess, but luckily he set me up with a bedside bucket (actually plastic bags, but it was still useful!) so I could throw up a little more elegantly. There was no way I could make it to the toilet, sadly, as the reaction would come out of nowhere and be completely overwhelming.

Anyway, I have no idea if the procardia stayed down or not. I took it, but since I kept throwing up, I imagine that it might have been lost. 🙁

As of today, my contractions have begun to slow down and become less intense. However, they have been replaced by a pain in my lower back and a very heavy feeling of pressure in my pelvis. I worry the baby is engaging, and I am preparing myself mentally for an early delivery. But I still have hope and am PRAYING that all of this will calm down soon.

The coughing is really no better, however it is now more of a productive cough, in that I am bringing up a lot of phlegm and mucus (and a bit of blood, annoyingly!). So maybe this is a turning point?

Anyway, here’s hoping I’ll still be pregnant when it comes to my 33 week update! Stay tuned!

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Pregnancy Diary - 33 Weeks

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.