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Pregnancy Diary – 33 Weeks

** I started this post last week, but it has taken me several days to actually get it posted due to the stress of the situation. I am backdating it so that it flows properly.

So today I am 33 weeks pregnant! I woke up this morning in a fabulous mood and with hope in my heart. The first thing I did was take my weekly bump photo for posterity. Baby JJ is definitely making his presence known, and I was reasonably convinced that he’s finally changed positions from breech, as I am definitely hanging lower these days! See for yourself!

33 weeks pregnant

My morning was spent taking Dexter back to the pediatrician, as he had been diagnosed with Influenza B on Monday and has been taking Tamiflu to try and get rid of it. We were back to catch up on all of his injections since his UK ones weren’t enough. And since we were hoping to enroll him in daycare next week, we needed to make sure he was fully vaccinated as per Florida guidelines. Sadly for him, this meant a course of SIX separate shots. He may not have known what was coming, but I sure did!

Happily, though, as was the case with all of his previous injections, he took them like a trooper. The nurse was actually astounded, as she injected shot after shot and he didn’t cry or get upset. It was only on the very last one (which she warned was thicker and thus more likely to make him cry) that he gave a soft whimper and whispered, “Mama.” My heart melted.

Anyway, the astounded nurse started bragging to all the other staff and even the patients in the waiting room about how awesome my kid is, which was fun. After collecting our paperwork, we made our way home to await my afternoon appointment at the OB.

Fast forward a few hours, and we had driven into Orlando to see my high risk specialist. I was looking forward to the appointment, ready to see the baby on screen and expecting that everything was on course.

Sadly, this was not the case. And because I’m still not sure what it all means and how worried I should be, I have decided not to write too much about it until my appointment next week when I can ask questions of my regular Obstetrician.

But to put it all in a nutshell, here’s the stuff that’s going on.

1/ Baby JJ, while initially small, had finally caught up a few weeks ago and has been totally on track for growth. Unfortunately, he is now measuring two weeks behind schedule, which basically means he has not grown at all since our last scan.

2/ His abdomen is measuring much smaller than it should, a sign that he is not getting proper nutrition.

3/ My amniotic fluid is not as much as it should be.

4/ On a doppler test, my umbilical cord is showing a small backflow.

5/ The doctor used the term “failing to thrive” when discussing Baby JJ, though he didn’t really explain what this means for us.

Basically, I had to listen very carefully to what was being said BETWEEN the professionals (sonographer, trainee, nurse, and doctor) because no one specifically told ME what was going on.

When I turned to Dr Google (which I do NOT recommend, but I know we all do it), I found so many reasons to be terrified, and I am now just counting down the days until I get to see my normal doctor and ask her for clarification on everything. I also hope to be able to discuss a birth plan, as it seems likely that I will NOT be going full term, and I need to know what to expect.

I don’t have much else to report on this front. It’s been a stressful week, and I am exhausted from worry. What I DO know is that I am going to be taking my bed rest much more seriously, and I plan to eat as much as possible to try and get this baby back on track.

Pregnancy Diary - 32 Weeks
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