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13 Weeks

I didn’t update last week because there wasn’t much of a change. And to be honest, this week is much the same. But for the sake of continuity, I offer up my last two weeks of bump photos, and some simple stats about the pregnancy as it stands.

12 weeks bump

The good news is that my morning sickness and nausea have greatly subsided. I would not say they’ve gone away completely, and strong smells still make me gag, but for the most part, I am feeling a LOT better than I have in weeks.

My weight has gone up by about 5 lbs overall, and that isn’t a big deal, as in my last pregnancy, I had trouble gaining due to the hyperemesis. So to not have that problem this time is a real blessing. Though, as you can see, I am still sporting a rather large bump for my dates. I did have a chance to go back and compare it to LAST time around, and I was surprised to realize that I showed very early last time, as well. I had forgotten. So I guess this is really just par for the course!

13 weeks

I have been craving tons of fruit and vegetables lately, including lots of roasted root veggies. I eat pickles out of the jar morning, noon and night, and I can’t get enough of them. In fact, when visiting Hollywood Studios yesterday, I was craving them so much that I went to a restaurant and raided their condiments for packets of sweet relish.

pregnancy cravings

I also can’t get enough of the smell of a new spray cleaner I bought. I have been cleaning everything in sight this last week, and the cleaner just clings to my clothing like perfume. It smells AMAZING. I’m probably the only weirdo who thinks so, though.

My heartburn is back in full force, so I’m eating Tums all the time.

My “bump” may look nice and neat in photos, but when I sit down, it kind of caves in like a souffle and looks like I am just a fat, saggy lump. As you can imagine, that makes me feel ever so fantastic. /sarcasm

My hair has grown a lot in a short time, but it’s really dry and flyaway, so it doesn’t feel in the best shape. That makes me sad, as my hair was actually quite lovely in my other two pregnancies.  My skin, as has been the case in other pregnancies is quite dry and rough. I hate it. My leg hair grows so fast that even just a few hours after shaving, I am all prickly again. I don’t dare wear shorts, despite the sweltering heat, because I feel like everyone will see my dry, hairy legs and run screaming in the other direction.

I have been feeling tightenings and little movements in my lower belly, which I am taking to be the baby – at least in some form. It could be my uterus stretching, but whatever it is reassures me that things are progressing well. This is the time in every pregnancy I get quite worried.

I’ve also reached that point where I start finding myself quite incredulous that I will actually have a new baby in a few months. It doesn’t quite feel real right now… Maybe once we know the sex, it’ll cement it for me.

Anyway, that’s where we are right now. I’m happy and encouraged and excited at the progress.

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