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Pregnancy Diary – Week 17

Well here we are, another week in to the pregnancy, and it’s time for an update.

Not a lot has changed since last week, if I’m honest. Though internally, that’s a different matter. According to fruit charts, this week my baby is the size of a large onion, as opposed to last week’s medium avocado. Another website swears that last week I had a rubber ducky in my belly, while this week it’s a beanie baby!

It’s also been said that over the next couple of weeks, the little guy or gal inside of me will be DOUBLING in size! Well it’s no wonder then that my bump is getting even bigger!

Second Pregnancy - 17 weeks

I went to find my seventeen week baby bump from the last pregnancy, and the difference is IMMENSE.

First Pregnancy - 17 weeks

I also found the blog post I wrote when I was seventeen weeks last time. It’s amazing to think back on the difference between how I felt then and how I feel now. I am so grateful that the crushing depression I dealt with the first time around has not returned this time. And while I do sometimes feel a bit down or overwhelmed, I know that it is merely a passing sadness rather than an ongoing mania.

Thank god for that!

This week I was meant to be having a doctor’s appointment, which was to include some genetic testing. I had been asked in my first appointment if I wanted to have it done to try and detect our risk of Down Syndrome or other chromosomal abnormalities. And while Mark and I are both completely in agreement that we would never let any perceived abnormality keep us from loving and caring for our child, I did want the option to know about it in advance, just so that I might adequately prepare.

Anyway, about half an hour before my appointment, I had a call from the doctor’s office saying that my OB had been called away to deliver a baby (awwww!) and would thus be unable to make our appointment. I was offered a slot the next day, but I had been thinking it over for a while and the associated cost of the testing, plus the fact that it wouldn’t change anything anyway made me decide against having it done. I simply told the doctor that I would rather just cancel all together.

She was understanding but also said that I would still need to come in as I was due a regular checkup. I mentioned that I was going to be needing a 20 week scan very soon, so she suggested we just kill two birds with one stone and book an appointment WITH a scan for next week!

So fingers crossed, I SHOULD be finding out on Monday whether we are Team Pink or Team Blue! SO excited to know.

The big news of the week, though, is that I finally felt the baby move! On Sunday night, I was putting the leftovers from dinner away when I suddenly felt a massive roll across my belly. I was frightened at first, as it was such a BIG movement compared to the initial flutterings I felt in my first pregnancy. But after many supportive tweets and facebook messages with other 2 time mamas, I was assured that it was totally normal for a second pregnancy.

And so I was euphoric. 😉

So how am I feeling this week?


  • As you can see in the photo above, my bump has grown a bit in the last week, and it is much easier to see, even when laying down. It is somewhat scary to be so big already, but I have hope that it’ll slow down and even out soon.
  • The morning sickness that had returned over the last few weeks has now gone away again, which is VERY appreciated. I hope it stays far far away!
  • Sleep has become a new fantasy of mine. I toss and turn constantly, and I am far too hot, no matter what the temperature. I also have taken to waking up at EXACTLY 2 AM every single night, no matter what. I get a little chuckle when I pick up my phone and see that it’s like clockwork.
  • In addition to the skin and hair issues I mentioned last week, I am now sporting a lovely bit of pregnancy acne that just adds to the glamor I feel!
  • Since starting to feel the baby move this week, I get a lot of interesting feelings across my belly. It is sometimes like the sensation of “losing your stomach” when you’re on a roller coaster. This sudden feeling of your insides moving around on their own!


  • Okay, so last night I MAY have had a bit of a panic attack when it suddenly hit me like a bolt from the blue that I am ACTUALLY pregnant. I mean, I have obviously been pregnant a while now, and I have actually SEEN the baby on screen, but it only really hit me last night that there is a BABY inside of me. Another person that we will soon be responsible for! A brother or sister for Dexter… It’s crazy that it has taken me this long to figure it out, but there ya are!
  • I am really quite grouchy lately. Especially at bedtime. I hate being this way, but I kind of want to punch Mark in the face when he is next to me, simply because his body gives off extra heat. He offers to go and sleep on the couch, but I won’t let him. I am in equal parts desperate to have him near me and wanting him far far away from me. It’s annoying. The other night, I ranted for about an hour about how unfair it is that I can’t sleep and how much I want to just get a good night. Mark suggested that if/when I woke up at 2 AM, I should wake HIM up and he’d talk to me or rub my back. So I did just that. At 2 AM, I smacked him in the chest and yelled, “get up and talk to me!”  He did. I rolled over and he rubbed my back and played with my hair and we chatted (okay – I bitched and moaned a bit) and eventually he helped me go back to sleep. Love that man. 🙂
  • Overall, though, I am much happier this week. Despite the grouchiness and a bit of overreaction (moi?), I am feeling pretty settled and looking forward to the future.

I think that’s pretty much it for this week. When I update next, it will HOPEFULLY be with more information on whether Dexter will have a brother or sister. Wish me luck!

16 week baby bump
Pregnancy Diary - 16 Weeks
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