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6 Weeks

6 Weeks

So on Wednesday, we finally got in to see our OB/GYN, the inimitable Dr KJ, my very favorite person on the planet when it comes to having babies. And even though she missed my actual birth (through no fault of her own), she is still an awesomely awesome doctor. I was hoping against hope that even though it was still early, she would do an ultrasound so I could know for sure that all is well. In the last couple of weeks, we’ve run the gamut of emotions due to so many scary things happening. First was the bleeding that made me sure I was having a miscarriage. Then there was some pretty severe cramping, a LOT of severe nausea and more blood along the way. Not to mention the ever-glamorous infection I seem to get every single pregnancy.

I think every woman goes through the early pregnancy worries where you imagine all sorts of awful scenarios. From impending miscarriage when your nausea subsides for an hour and you suddenly think it’s the end of the pregnancy to the round ligament pain which makes you think you have an ectopic pregnancy and will lose your tubes. It is genuinely scary all that can go wrong.

But this being my third kid, I have to say that I was really getting pissed off about the dreaded BLOAT. I’ve always shown a bit early, but this was ridiculous. I looked MONTHS along rather than weeks!

third pregnancy showing very early bloating

I’ll be honest – I know I’m not a tiny girl. But the abnormally large belly was starting to make me worry. Maybe I was farther along than I thought? Or maybe… and this was the really scary thing – maybe it was twins?! Ohmygod ohmygod.

third pregnancy showing VERY early

Of course, the constipation, gassiness and horrible acid reflux were the likely culprits, but it didn’t stop me from worrying. Eh. It’s what pregnant women do, right?

So you can imagine how relieved I was when we finally got in to see the doctor. I went in with a full bladder, knowing well that I’d have to pee in a cup. They verified the pregnancy that way, and I got a hearty congratulations from the nurse. I was then made to undress and told my doctor would be in shortly to do a pap smear and an ultrasound. YES! So excited.

In she came, and I alerted her to my ongoing infection, and she verified it was there but said it didn’t look too bad (she’s lucky SHE isn’t dealing with it, as it is horrible!). She felt my uterus and fondled my breasts (as you do…) and then explained what she was looking for on the transvaginal ultrasound. She said that all she needed to see was a dark circle with another circle inside of it. She explained that by my last menstrual period, I was over eight weeks pregnant, but if the ultrasound showed more than a five day difference, they would re-date me based on that.

As it was, she immediately said she had found what she was looking for (meaning a baby) but that it was measuring only six weeks. With a bit of effort, she managed to show us the heartbeat, which was hard to see, but it gave us huge encouragement. Given that I’m so much earlier than we thought, we’ll be going back in about five weeks for another ultrasound, which will date us properly.

6 week ultrasound

All in all, I am very happy that everything looks good. It doesn’t stop me worrying, as we all know that so much can happen in these early days, and we can never for one moment believe that all will be well. But for now, I rest easy, talking to my belly and letting this new little baby (who is now affectionately known as “Smudge”) get all the loving care she deserves.

Yes, I said she. Dexter to me that Daniel would be a brother, and he’s now decreed that this baby is a sister. So that’s good enough for me.

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Kimberly @ A time to freeze

Wednesday 26th of March 2014

Congrats on your pregnancy. I know those first several weeks are such an emotional roller coaster. I just had my baby #3--a girl-and have two boys. That makes 3 kids in 3 years for us. Crazy! But it is so great having them close in age. Found you through the SITS group.


Friday 21st of March 2014

Congratulations again on your pregnancy! Looking forward to reading all about it and I hope al goes well for you x x xx

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.