Pregnancy Dreams

Pregnancy Dreams - How hormones make you a little bit crazy
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  1. Jude says:

    Ha! I totally remember having the weirdest most freaky vivid dreams when I was pregnant. Must be a hormone thing. Most of them were rubbish except for the one I had before I knew I was pregnant, in which my (dead) grandad handed me a branch and told me it was my turn to carry on the family tree. That one had my head spinning when I found out two weeks later I’d conceived that night… Spooky! Great post. x

    1. Katie Reed says:

      Oh my gosh! That’s an incredible dream!! Lol. I had one before I knew I was pregnant with my first. I gave birth to a perfect toddler girl who told me her name was Loubel, and that she would be my daughter. This was two weeks before I knew I was pregnant, and I ended up having a boy. Lol.

  2. Molli says:

    Wow, your dreams are a lot more intense than mine ever were. I can only remember one with my daughter and it was that I gave birth to a kitten. I think it was the hair thing. My daughter had so much hair when she was born, it was like giving birth to a kitten 🙂 She had hair on her ears, and back and everywhere! I also had horrible heartburn. After she was born, I had a dream that my mom (who died 4 years before she was born), told me how beautiful she was and how proud and happy she was. Made me feel like she really got to meet her.

    1. Katie Reed says:

      Aw that’s really sweet. I’m a big believer that people can reach out to us from the “other side” so I would have taken great comfort from that. And the kitten dream is so funny!

  3. Haha I’ve also always had weird and wonderful dreams, more so in pregnancy. My mum used to say it was down to having a good imagination!!
    I remember a dream I had once that seemed to last all night in which I was a caravan. I kid you not. I actually woke up and told my husband that I thought I was a caravan. I don’t even think I was pregnant at the time. I do suffer from nightmares quite often and I remember as a child being quite scared to go to sleep some nights. Not fun!
    x x x

  4. Lauranne says:

    I’ve never heard of crazy dreams before – something new to look forward to one day (I hope)

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