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Printable Cat Lunch Box Notes

Printable Cat Lunch Box Notes
Printable Cat Lunch Box Notes

With back to school FINALLY here, I know I can’t be the only one looking for ways to motivate and encourage my kids to do well. A great way of keeping them excited is to send sweet notes with them to open each day. Some call them lunch box notes, and it is great to put them in a lunch box. But some kids (like mine) buy school lunch or are only in half-day Kindergarten, so I prefer to just stick these in their backpacks.

The great thing about printable lunch box notes is that the hardest part is done for you. Your kid gets a super cute little card with a fun picture and a witty pun, and you can choose to write a quick love note on the back or leave it blank.

This particular printable has eight unique cat-themed notes for your kids, and they’re so cute. You can even encourage your child to share them with classmates, writing their own little notes on the back. My boys like to collect them and play with them like toys. Whatever fuels the imagination, eh?!

To use, simply download the pdf file and print them out. You can print out a few copies so you have enough for each kid, or just do one at a time if it suits you better. However you decide to go about it, your kids will love the sweet little reminder that they are cared for.

Once you’ve downloaded the files, I recommend printing on white cardstock and then cutting them out. You can use regular printer paper of course, but the cardstock is so much more durable.

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