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Red Leaf, Yellow Leaf Lesson Plan

Red Leaf, Yellow Leaf Lesson Plan

In the children’s book Red Leaf, Yellow Leaf by Lois Ehlert, children learn all about fall and how the trees change colors and leaves start to fall. This is the perfect book to enjoy during the fall season, and it offers inspiration for all sorts of enrichment activities to enjoy long after the book is done. Look below at some easy Red Leaf, Yellow Leaf inspired lesson plans, and see how to make your own mini fall tree craft with kids, too! You will find that these activities are easy ways to enjoy the story and enrich little minds in a fun, hands on way!

Activity #1 Tissue Paper Fall Tree Craft for Kids

Supplies needed:

  • red, yellow, orange tissue paper
  • construction paper
  • wood craft sticks
  • scissors
  • craft glue


Begin by tearing the tissue paper up into small pieces. Take each piece of tissue paper and crumble it between your fingers to make small “leaves” for your tree.

Cut out a ruffled circle for the base of your tree. You can use any fall colored construction paper you wish.

Glue the cut out to the end of your wood craft stick. Hold it in place and allow it to dry. This will create the tree as well as the trunk.

Now add a dab of glue to each piece of crumpled tissue paper. Apply the pieces of tissue to your tree. Make the tree nice and full, using any pattern of assembly that you wish.

Once your leaves are dry, your tissue paper fall tree craft is ready to be displayed!

Activity #2 Red Leaf Yellow Leaf Scavenger Hunt

Supplies needed:

  • red, yellow, orange crayons
  • white craft paper
  • assorted leaves
  • paper or plastic baggie


Begin by taking a nature walk with your child. Pick up leaves as you find them.

Talk about the leaves as you find them. Discuss the shape, length, and of course the color!

Collect samples and place them in your bag for later.

When you return home, discuss the leaves you found. Take the time to show them off.

Using your craft paper and crayons, make leaf rubbings of the leaves. See what kind of red, yellow, and orange leaf collages you can make!

Your leaf rubbings can be displayed when done! Your leaf samples can easily be composted or returned to nature to break down on their own.

Activity #3 Red Leaf, Yellow Leaf Book Investigation

Supplies needed:

  • sticky notes
  • pencil
  • copy of the book


Begin by reading the book out loud as a pair or group. Typically after being read to, kids have questions or comments about what they read. This activity helps them break those thoughts down.

On a sticky note, make a large “?” on it. You will then walk through the book and place this sticky note on any pages that raise a question.

On another sticky note, make a large “!” on it. You will use this sticky note on pages that caught your attention or that you really loved.

Repeat as needed, using as many sticky notes as needed.

Once all the notes have been placed, you can then go through the book again and dive into the pages that you have marked.

Are you ready to take a walk through fall? Enjoy Red Leaf, Yellow Leaf with your child, then give these fun enrichment activities a try.