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Seven Foods to Start Buying Fresh This Spring

Seven Foods to Start Buying Fresh This Spring

7 Foods to Buy Fresh This Spring

Have you ever heard the phrase, “fresh is best?” It’s true! Eating fresh foods can help you add more vitamins and minerals to your diet while consuming less sugar, fat, and preservatives. So how do you know what to buy fresh? Look below at seven foods to start buying fresh this spring, so you can be sure you are enjoying a fresh and healthy diet every single day!


Fish has so many health benefits as it is full of healthy oils your hair and skin needs. Eating fresh fish is a great way to get these health benefits. When you buy fresh instead of frozen, you don’t compromise any vitamins and know you are getting a recent catch.


Find a local farmer to buy fresh, free range eggs from. You can access eggs that are just days old that way, fresh from the chicken to you. Fresh eggs are a great way to access protein at breakfast, lunch, or dinner.


You just can’t beat fresh fruit! Buy local fresh fruit so you know exactly how it was harvested. This way you can be sure it is chemical free and organic if you choose. Frozen and canned fruit is tasty, but often packed with extra sugar. Go fresh instead.


Like fresh fruit, fresh vegetables are best. They contain more vitamins and minerals than canned or frozen, plus you know exactly where the produce came from. Buy from local farmers so you know it is fresh and how it is grown. While you are at it, you can also consider buying fresh herbs such as basil, mint, rosemary, and chives!


Buy fresh bread instead of frozen or refrigerated/canned varieties. You will get less fat and preservatives this way and reap the most nutrition from the bread. Opt for whole grain varieties of bread in order to get the best nutritional value.


Fresh meat just can’t be beat. Partner up with a local farm or local farmers market to access fresh beef and chicken. You can even find fresh pork this way. Meat like this is often raised GMO free, while in a free range fashion. You know there are no preservatives when you buy meat this way and can be assured your meat is fresh.


Canned and pre bottled juices tend to contain a lot of sugar and other unhealthy ingredients. One of the best ways to avoid all of these chemicals and unnecessary add ins is to drink fresh juice. This means juice you squeeze yourself from fresh produce, or juice you buy from a trusted juicer. Fresh juice is full of vitamins, and you get all the flavor without all of the extra sugar.

Are you ready to start eating fresh and enjoy all the benefits it provides? Then consider these 7 foods to start buying fresh this spring and see how easy, and tasty, eating fresh can be.