No Sew Superhero Cape from Old T-Shirt

How to make a superhero cape from a tshirt

If your kid is as SuperHero mad as mine is, you might find yourself searching out costumes that have his favorite characters on them. And after spending a small fortune on various hero pajamas a few days ago, I suddenly realized that if I didn’t stop giving in, I’d create an obsession I am just not prepared to deal with.

So what’s a mom to do? The answer? Make your child his OWN superhero!

I figured it can’t be that hard to fashion something awesome for him, and I was right! An old T-shirt, some craft paint and a few hours meant a totally unique and awesome superhero cape for Dexter!

Want to know how it’s done? Well, just follow along at home!

Grab an old tshirt – plain is best, though I guess you can use one with a logo on it and incorporate it into the design? I went with a red one because I was trying to emulate Superman, since he’s Dexter’s favorite.

Process of creating a superhero cape from a tshirt

1. Turn the shirt so that the back is facing up. Smooth it out in front of you. Grab a ruler or yardstick and draw a line with your sharpie from the bottom right corner up to the right side of the neck hole.

2. Do the same to the left side.

3. Use whatever you have to hand to create a logo or design on the back. I used an empty container of chocolates to create a big circle and then free-handed a letter D for Dexter.

4. Use your craft paint to paint a colorful design.

Super hero t-shirt cape - cutting along the lines

Now you can either let it dry first (recommended) or cut it first. Just be careful so you don’t smear any paint. Cut along the lines you drew up to the neck hole and then carefully cut AROUND the neckhole, leaving it in tact.

Once it is dry, your cape is complete!

Super Hero T-Shirt Cape

Now let your little one wear it and watch him create his own character. Dexter has spent hours “flying” all over the house, and it’s super cute. He’s dubbed himself AWESOME MAN. I couldn’t agree more.

child wearing a superhero cape made from a tshirt

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  1. What a cute cape. I love how easy you made it look. Thanks for linking up at #HomeMattersParty this week hope you will come back next week to link up again.

  2. Great idea!!! i love making your own costumes. we are doing the same this year!! nice blog πŸ™‚ #HomeMattersParty

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