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Side Hustle Ideas To Make $1000 A Month

Side Hustle Ideas To Make $1000 A Month

So you need some extra money and are interested in the Best Side Hustle Ideas we have?  Let’s get right to it!  A good side hustle takes up just a little of your time but makes enough money to help pay for those extra things in life.  Whether you are looking for a full-time income doing side hustles or just that extra play money toward vacations or debt, we have the best of the best to share.

Side Hustle Ideas that Make $1000 a Month

A side hustle is typically a job you can do outside of your regular day job.  These hustles don’t usually make a ton of money at once but can add up to a significant chunk of change.  While there are many more options out there as side hustles, this list has been whittled down to the ones we know specifically can make at least $1000 a month when pursued regularly.

virtual assistant

Become a Virtual Assistant

The term virtual assistant has been around for a while now, but more and more individuals are learning about the ways you can virtually work for other people or businesses.  In my world, a virtual assistant is someone who helps write blog posts, create images for social media, answer emails, or even contact companies for sponsorship.  To others, a virtual assistant may be someone who proofreads text, helps grade papers online, or even answers a phone during a set time period each day. Read more about what a typical day is like here.

The VA Handbook is a great source of information on what to do, where to begin, and how to make money in this business.  You can work as a contractor for multiple individuals or businesses and set your pay rate by project or by the hour.  Project rates tend to work out to your best benefit, and can often pay upwards of $50 per hour worked. In just 20 hours of VA work per month, you can make that extra $1000.  That’s just 5 hours per week or one hour a night during weekdays.

waitress in restaurant

Wait Tables Nights and Weekends

One of the standards of side hustles has always been to be in the service industry as waitstaff.  While not all restaurants will help you make this much in tips, there are definitely some places that can easily rack up $1000 in tips.  Some of the best restaurants to look at for larger tips are the upscale dining establishments or bar and grill locations.  With a larger turn over at a bar, you are likely to have more chance for tips and an overall larger earning potential.

Specifically, ask for the busier shifts like weekends and game day shifts.  These will bring in more customers and more potential to earn.  You’ll also want to really work for the crowd and go over the top with customer service.  A happy customer is much more likely to leave a substantial tip.  Remember, these jobs are not about the hourly wage but about the tips that come from your quality service.

driving for uber

Drive for Uber or Lyft

In the last few years, the potential to earn money driving for Uber or Lyft has skyrocketed.  Even many smaller towns are offering this service.  Uber on weekend evenings, late night, or early mornings and you are likely to pick up those headed home from clubs and bars.  Pick a location near an airport to be available and you can get regular income shuttling travelers to and from their hotels.

Both of these companies do have some requirements in regards to your vehicle and insurance status as well as a driving record.  As long as these are applicable, you will be good to go as a driver and easily can earn money not only from their wages but also tips earned.

rental bedroom

Rent Rooms or Your Whole House

One of the best side hustle ideas for during football season if you live in a city with popular teams is to turn rooms in your home into a place for people to rent and crash for a night.  Airbnb and VRBO are both great apps to use to list your home or rooms for rent.  Depending on the number of nights rented throughout the month, you can easily earn more than $1000 with this option.

When renting rooms or your home out to travelers, you’ll want to consider safety, cleanliness, and convenience.  This option works best for those in a metro area or tourist destination.  It’s also a great option for those who live near stadiums for larger or more popular sports teams that will be playing regularly during the seasons.

grocery delivery person

Deliver Groceries or Fast Food

The invention of food delivery apps for places like Walmart, Target, and even Amazon has brought about a whole other great option for earning money.  This is definitely one of the easiest side hustle ideas on our list.  There are a few popular companies that you can work for depending on the store brands in your area.  Shipt, Instacart, and Amazon Fresh are some of the more popular, trustworthy, and best-paying options.

If your area doesn’t have any of these options, ask around to local grocery stores and restaurants to see if they offer delivery and if you can apply for the position.  Most of these allow you to set your own hours, and give you an easy window of time for shopping and delivery to be completed.  The best part is you get to do something fairly simple, and get paid both a per order rate as well as the potential for customer tips.  With the right shops and number per month, you can hit that $1000 mark in no time.

Making easy money with these side hustle ideas is all about stepping outside of your comfort zone.  If none of them feel attainable you could always make money on Youtube, right? What side hustle works best for your lifestyle?