Simple Snowman Craft

I don’t know about anyone else, but when winter rolls around, my kids spend a lot of time indoors. They love going out to play in the snow, but the cold and wet means they don’t last long before coming inside and sitting by the fire playing with their tablet computers.

One of their favorite things to do is build a snowman, and every winter it seems they build and rebuild trying to create the perfect snow human. Sometimes they even go for entire snow families! But when there’s not enough snow or they just can’t take the cold, they come inside wanting to craft with mom.

That’s why I love finding great winter crafts to do with my kids. One of our favorites is making Magic Snow, an easy homemade snow-like play dough that lets them have the magic of snow INSIDE. It’s a great activity for younger children and totally safe.

This year, we are making these super fun styrofoam craft snowmen to decorate. They are simple to make and add a cute touch to your winter decor.

Simple Decorative Styrofoam Snowman Craft!


Styrofoam balls
Black beads (2 sizes, one for eyes and one for mouth)
Black felt
Small wooden dowel
Hot glue
Craft glue

To begin with, stick your dowel into your styrofoam ball. This craft will make only the snowman head on a stick, but you could always add more than one craft ball to make the full snowman.

Next, apply glue to the entire surface of the ball and then cover in glitter. White glitter is obviously best, as it gives the appearance of snow, but you can embellish with silver or gold if you want some extra pizzazz!

Simple Decorative Styrofoam Snowman Craft!

Simple Decorative Styrofoam Snowman Craft!

After drying completely, attach eyes and mouth beads with hot glue.


To create the classic snowman hat, cut a circle of black felt for the bottom. Making it a little big is good – you can always trim later.

Then, cut a long strip of the felt and roll it up, gluing the edge so you have a solid cylinder.

Cut another circle the circumference of the cylinder and glue it to the top of the rolled piece. You can again cut a larger circle and trim it up once it’s attached.

Glue the cylinder to the bottom circle, and wait for the entire piece to dry.

You can add a bit of glitter or other embellishments to the hat if you like, though it’s not totally necessary.

Once you’re happy, attach the hat to the top of the snowman’s head.

Simple Decorative Styrofoam Snowman Craft!

Simple Decorative Styrofoam Snowman Craft!


Cut one of the dowels into proper nose size (short or extra-long Pinocchio style; it’s up to you!).

Using a knife, whittle the end until it looks sharp, like a carrot. Paint orange and let dry.

Simple Decorative Styrofoam Snowman Craft!

Once everything is dry, you have your completed snowman head. You can add a cute fabric scrap to serve as a little scarf, or add any embellishments you think look nice.

Simple Decorative Styrofoam Snowman Craft!

I love the country charm of it. Isn’t he cute??

You can leave it as is and display it in a vase by itself, or stuck into a fun centerpiece or planter.

Simple Decorative Styrofoam Snowman Craft!

Simple Decorative Styrofoam Snowman Craft!

My kids love to see their little snowmen around the house, and know that they won’t melt or break. Such a fun little craft the whole family can enjoy!

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Katie Reed

Katie Reed

Katie Reed is a 38 year old mom blogger from Salt Lake City, UT. She is married to the man of her dreams and together they have four beautiful boys. Dexter is 9, Daniel is 7, Chester is 5 and Wilder is 2. She writes about living with mental health issues while navigating motherhood. Her blog focuses on tips and tricks for moms, information and parenting news, kid-friendly recipes and crafts. She loves to reflect on the humorous side of parenthood and shares the reality of her life, with a "warts and all" attitude.

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