The Sisterhood of Motherhood – An Introduction #SisterhoodUnite

Sisterhood of Motherhood
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  1. Brandi says:

    It’s so sad when moms are so quick to judge one another. Instead of judging, they should be supporting each other. It’s a journey that we each go through and each journey is different and unique 🙂 How exciting that you’re partnering with Similac on this!
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  2. Anne Sweden says:

    You have such a beautiful family! And I look forward to reading some of your parenting stories!

  3. Cat says:

    Your post is perfect! We do need a sisterhood, its actually the name of a secret group I am part of that includes 16 moms who are comfortable and confide anything with each other. Our decisions should not divide us, but bring us closer together!
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  4. Levi says:

    This is awesome. It’ sabout time a brand stepped up to bring new exposure to the idea of being non judgemental. It is important for ladies to support each toher. And other men too!

  5. Astra says:

    As a former breastfeeding nazi, I have been so excited to see this initiative. I used to be crazy about telling other moms they were doing it wrong. I was adamant that breast is the ONLY way to go. But then my fourth child was born and I was diganosed with breast cancer and I couldn’t feed her. I was devastated. But my husband said to me ‘it’s not about what you feed her – it’s about how.’ I still held her close to me and sang to her and loved her as I gave her a bottle. I battled through surgery and radiation and I felt grateful to her every single day for loving me and showing me that it is not impossible to do right by your child if you don’t breastfeed. She is seven now and you would never know she wasn’t fed the same as her siblings. She is just as smart and just as loving and just as wonderful and close to me as they are. I now go out of my way to tell other moms they’re doing a great job whatever they are doing.

  6. Harley says:

    You have a beautiful family Katie. But this campaign is a blatant attempt to go viral. Similac wants to be in the news so that they can sell more formula. There is nothing else to it. They are a business and they are doing what businesses do. They are promoting a big idea for their own benefit. No one shames breastfeeding mothers. It is only formula moms who get looked down on. So for them to tell everyone to be accepting no matter what, they are really just saying “DON’T JUDGE FORMULA MOMS”. Thereby selling more formula. I wish the world really would stop judging parents. We all do our best that much is true. Maybe I’m cynical but I really don’t see how this media campaign will do anything except make it more acceptable to use formula. Which benefits Similac. It’s that simple

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