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Snack Your Way Around The World At Disney’s Epcot World Showcase

Snack Your Way Around The World At Disney’s Epcot World Showcase

Snack your way around the world at Disney's Epcot World Showcase

Sitting down to dinner at Epcot World Showcase is a culinary delight. But if you want to sample all the showcase has to offer, you need to snack your way around the world. Epcot consists of eleven countries: Mexico, Norway, China, Italy, United States, Japan, Morocco, France, United Kingdom, and Canada.

Each country has food carts, aka quick service, that features food from that region. Canada is the only one that really doesn’t have a signature snack, even though Le Cellier does offer some of the best Poutine outside Canada. It is really impossible to list all the food available so below I have a list of must-eats. If you follow this list by the time you are done you will feel like you have truly eaten around the world. The best part? You don’t even need a passport!

Snack Your Way Around The World At Disney’s Epcot World Showcase

Sushi—Kabuki Café Food Cart, Japan Pavilion

If you are a sushi lover a stop at Kabuki Café Food Cart is a must. You can choose from 3 sushi selections: California Roll, Combo sushi that includes 2 pieces of california roll with salmon and shrimp tamari sushi, or Hako Sushi which includes salmon, shrimp and tuna. They are perfectly snack sized at an affordable price!

Gelato Cookie Sandwich—Italian Gelato Kiosk, Italy Pavilion

If you are looking for a great way to cool down on a hot day the Gelato Cookie Sandwich is the best thing! Your choice of Gelato stuffed between two chocolate chip cookies sounds like heaven, because it is. So when it is super hot bring down your temperature a degree or two with gelato flavors such as: Pistachio, Chocolate, and Custard Cream. If you are wanting a real treat try the Creamsicle. It is vanilla Gelato, orange sherbet, and orange soda whipped together. Then it is topped with whipped cream and cherries! It is a simple, yet amazing treat!

Hand Twisted Soft Pretzels- Sommerfest, Germany Pavilion

You can get soft pretzels just about anywhere in the parks but nothing beats the Hand Twisted Soft Pretzels from Germany. They are soft, warm, and just perfectly salty. I love them because they have that amazing little crunch on the outside but are super soft on the inside. Add a little mustard and one of their speciality beers for an amazing snack!

Cheese and Meat Plate—Tutto Gusto, Italy Pavilion

This is one of two snacks that made my list that can be a meal if you wanted it to be. The Tutto Gusto has several small wine dishes and around 200 speciality wines to choose from. One of my favorites is the cheese and meat plate. If you want to keep this a snack you definitely need to share. Cheeses available include fontina, asiago, and mozzarella. Meats available include salami, beef, or pork sausages. As if that is not enough you will get your choice of fresh bread or bread sticks, as well as a marinated dish of veggies, olives, or seafood selections.

Ice Cream Crepes—Crêpes des Chefs de France Kiosk, France Pavilion

Just imagine you are sitting at a small cafe in France. You are outdoors, watching the people stroll by in leisure as you enjoy a fine cup of coffee. Now imagine in addition to your coffee you have a warm, soft, slightly sweet crepe topped with ice cream. Awesome fantasy, right? Well if you stop in the Crêpes des Chefs de France it doesn’t have to be a fantasy. These super thin crepes go well with soft serve ice cream, giving you the ultimate sweet treat. If ice cream is not your thing, don’t worry. They have a chocolate crepe, strawberry preserve crepe, and sugar crepe that are just as good.

School Bread—Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe, Norway Pavilion

School Bread has the distinction of being one of the number one requested snacks in Epcot. When you try it for the first time you will know why. It is utterly amazing! But what exactly is School Bread? Well, it is a custard filled cardamom bun with icing and toasted coconut on top. Sounds super sweet, right? That is the beauty of it, it is not overly sweet. This Norwegian treat is a must have when you are walking around Epcot. Just beware, if you are sharing snacks at each stop, you may not want to share this one.

Chips with Queso/Guacamole/Salsa—La Cava del Tequila, Mexico Pavilion

If you are a looking for a snack that has some crunch to it, the chips with dipping sauce at the La Cava del Tequila is a great spot. If you want an amazing drink to go with your snack try one of their many margaritas. The Maelstrom is a great choice. If you are there for the food, you can’t go wrong with the Trio. It is chips with guac, salsa, and cheese sauce. They are really good and you will definitely need to share.

Fish and Chips—Yorkshire County Fish Shop, United Kingdom Pavilion

This is our second snack that could easily be a meal if you don’t share. Flaky fish is deep fried to golden perfections and then served with crunchy on the outside, warm and tender on the inside fries. They are served fresh on “faux newspaper” liners and I think that may be my favorite part. This is a very, very busy place so be prepared for a little bit of a wait and then searching for a table. But once you get seated you will find out exactly why the Fish and Chips are a must have snack (meal). The batter is crispy and just slightly salty. Then you have the crispy fries that have just a little give to them so they are not limp, but also not overly crunchy. Also, these are always fresh because they are so busy the food doesn’t have time to sit around.

I also have a bonus snack that really doesn’t need a description. If you haven’t been living under a rock you will know that a few years ago there was a sweet treat that was all the rage in New York, the Cronut. People lined up around the block and stood there for hours for a chance to try the infamous sweet treat. It is part donut and part croissant, and ALL delicious. If you stop at refreshment port located right inside the entrance of Epcot you can try Disney’s version. It is the perfect starter to your trip around the world!

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