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Give your kids something they can keep forever. Take an old knit glove, and turn it into this super easy bear that will be loved by all ages. This is perfect if you’re looking for sewing crafts ideas for beginners, gifts to make at home, or how-to instructions/tutorials. This sweet little guy would also look great on top of a present as part of gift wrapping too!

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Baby Chester is going through the “slamming doors” stage of his babyhood. He turned a year old last week, and since he’s still not walking (oh Lord, help me!) he’s currently causing mischief by getting into EVERYTHING that is not glued down. His favorite thing is to wait for someone to open the baby gate …

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While randomly browsing online recently, my attention was drawn to a little graphic about how to make a plushy chipmunk from a retired glove. With so many winter gloves roaming around our house, I thought it could be a good idea to give Dexter a new toy and recycle my tatty mittens at the same …

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