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How To Tell Your Kids About Santa Without Breaking Their Hearts

How To Tell Your Kids About Santa Without Breaking Their Hearts

Have you seen this awesome story going around? A mom explained how they teach their children about Santa once they’re old enough to start doubting. It’s one of the best ways I’ve ever seen to let your kids in on the secret without breaking their hearts.

Right now, we’re in a good situation. Our kids all believe in Santa, and we’re getting a lot of mileage from our Elf on the Shelf and the Portable North Pole app this year.

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But Mark and I have different feelings on how we treat the idea of Santa Claus. For Mark, he hates the idea of lying. He thinks that it’s wrong to misguide children, and he thinks that the kids will hate us when they find out that Santa Claus isn’t a real person, and that we are the ones who give them presents each year.

But I am completely opposite in thinking. I think kids deserve to have magical childhoods and to believe for as long as humanly possible in Santa or anything else. I go out of my way to teach the kids to believe in magic. Sometimes it comes back to bite me in the butt, but my kids are full-on believers.

Mark thinks that they’re going to come down hard on me one day when they think that mommy lied to them. But I have a plan! And it ties in nicely to the amazing story going around right now.

The mom in question says that when her oldest started getting suspicious, she took him out for coffee and told him that he was now ready to “become a Santa.” She explained that Santa isn’t just one person – it’s a lot of people who want to give to others. This explanation worked well. It gives a logical explanation about why Mall Santas never look like each other and still keeps the magic of the season alive by bringing the child into the fold.

My plan all along has been similar. In my mind, Santa isn’t a person. It’s a Society! In fact, it’s the Society for Awarding Nice Tykes Appropriately. S.A.N.T.A. for short.

When Dexter is old enough, I plan to share with him the secret and HOPE that he won’t spoil it for his brothers. They aren’t known for their secret-keeping skills.

I am hoping that by sharing this with him, it will help him to focus on what the season is really all about – giving. My children are admittedly ALL ABOUT THE PRESENTS on Christmas. They love to compliment each other and surprise one another every day, and I know they have giving hearts. But in all honesty, I haven’t really taught them yet why it’s better to give than receive. I guess I just want them to be kids as long as possible. Good kids, but… you know… kids.

How To Tell Your Kids About Santa Without Breaking Their Hearts

With loving hearts and generosity of spirit, I know that even when my kids stop believing in Santa, they can still believe in the power of S.A.N.T.A.

What do you think? Good plan? Do you have a traditional way of telling your kids?