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The Best Gifts for Every Grown-Ass Woman In Your Life

The Best Gifts for Every Grown-Ass Woman In Your Life

Let’s face it – buying a gift for a lady can be hard. Whether she’s your mom, your sister, your girlfriend or your maiden aunt, your gift has to convey a meaning and a significance about how you see her.

Sometimes a gift can say something you didn’t mean it to say. I once gave a coworker I didn’t particularly like a regifted necklace that I’d won at a Christmas party the year before. It had sat in a closet for months before I’d passed it on, and I hadn’t realized that it was real gold inlaid with actual sapphires. She was so touched that she took me aside later and told me she’d been in a very dark place, and my gift had given her hope again!

But often gifts can be thoughtless and boring – especially where women are involved. So many times husbands think themselves heroic for buying their wives new pots and pans or even a vacuum. And while practicality has its place, it’s important to think about how to mix it up a bit.

One of the best practical gifts I ever got was a set of hot pink tools! It had a hammer, screwdriver and ratchet set with fuzzy pink handles! It solved a practical problem I had in a truly fun way!

The following items all fall into one of three categories: they make life safer, they make life happier, or they make life healthier. Any lady in your life is sure to love at least a few of these, so take your pick and grab your favorites.

I hope you find these handy products as awesome as I do. Just an FYI: I participate in affiliate programs and may get a share of the revenue from your purchase.

The Best Gifts for Any Grown-Ass Woman In Your Life

Don't be confused about what women really want. We love practicality when it's laced with a little bit of charm. We enjoy an inside joke as well as something that inspires. Get it right, and we'll love you forever. Get it wrong, and we're not likely to let you forget. Check out these perfectly acceptable gifts for the woman in your life, and know that you can't really go wrong with any of them.