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The Ultimate Free Homeschool Guide

The Ultimate Free Homeschool Guide

As you are beginning your homeschool program with your children, we are happy to share our free homeschool guide with you. This list of great resources is a perfect place to begin. From covering where to find resources, to how you can help your kids with the transition and even state regulations, we have you covered with many common needs in homeschooling.

The Ultimate Free Homeschool Guide

This free homeschool guide is designed to help you get a great start to your new homeschool year. Whether you are new or old to homeschooling, we have amazing tips and resources that will easily jump start your homeschool classroom into a productive school year.

How To Transition From Public School To Homeschool with Ease: The transition from public school to homeschool can be tough on both children and parents. We share tips to ease this transition and make sure that your homeschool classroom is one that helps both you and your child make better changes in their education needs.

How To Create Homeschool Portfolios For Your Child: Since many states now require you to turn in annual homeschool portfolios with testing and information on what you have covered in your classroom, we have shared our top tips for making that process easier. Giving you great organizational recommendations, and encouragement for how to handle the paper mess that comes with homeschooling is the base of this blog post.

Tips For Understanding Individual State Homeschooling Laws: Every state has a unique standard for their homeschooling families. Since there is no base of requirements in the United States, we’ve shared our tried and true tips for learning more about how to understand your state laws. We’ve also included suggested questions to ask and information to seek out before beginning your homeschool journey.

Tips For Creating A Local Homeschool Group: If you are looking for local support in your homeschooling journey, look no further tan our tips for creating your own local homeschool group. We guide you through the thoughts behind what your group will be for, and things you may need to consider for safety and legalities. This is a great resource to help you and your children connect with other homeschooling families in your area.

Tips For Students Taking Homeschool Standardized Testing: Standardized testing gets a bad rap in and out of homeschooling circles. If this is a concern for you and your children, this post will help you know more about how to navigate this issue in your state. From tips on how to get help for special needs children, to how to provide comfort and tips to your child new to testing, we have shared our experiences with you here.

How To Get College Scholarships For Homeschoolers: This is one major concern for many parents of high school students. Being able to further their education will ensure a better future and financial stability, but the cost of college can be a huge concern. We share some great places to look for scholarships and tips for how to secure these scholarships from a homeschool perspective. A college scholarship is definitely a possibility for all homeschool students. You simply have to be aware of the process and where to go to make it happen for your student.

How To Keep Kids Socialized While Homeschooling: This may be one of the biggest concerns for homeschooling outsiders, but socializing children isn’t as hard as you may think. We give you great tips and suggestions on ways to keep your kids active with other kids. Social interaction isn’t just about the classroom, and we give you many suggestions to help your child find and create new and lasting relationships while building valuable social skills.

We have covered not just places to find socialization for your children, but suggested ways to keep them active with their friends and family, as well as things that they may need to be learning about interacting with others.

100 Free Unit Studies For All Ages: Unit studies are one of the most popular methods of homeschooling. These are especially useful for younger grades, but we have gathered excellent unit studies for each subject that can be used at many grade levels. Each unit study focuses on a topic and gives you lesson plans for multiple subjects around that topic. This roundup of topics will be great resource in upcoming homeschool lesson planning.

This list of unit studies will be divided up by subject to make it easy for you to navigate for your needs. While most of these will be for younger ages, we have also included the best unit studies we could find for older students.

100 Free Homeschool Curriculum Resources: Homeschool curriculum can get expensive. We have compiled some of the best free homeschool curriculum on the Internet to share with you for helping supplement your purchased curriculum, or even building an entire homeschool curriculum for free. With educational websites, printed curriculum, and multiple resources at your fingertips homeschooling doesn’t ever have to break the bank or hurt your family budget.

This list is divided by subject and includes resources for all ages groups allowing you to pick and choose what will fit your homeschool needs best.

100 Homeschool Classroom Organization Ideas: Keeping your classroom, supplies, books, paperwork, and portfolios organized can seem daunting, but we’ve researched and gathered the best homeschool tips on the Internet to give you tons of ideas on how to keep your classroom in order this year. From tips on creating and organizing filing systems, to how to create homework stations that your children can use on a daily basis for their homeschool curriculum, this list is chock full of excellent ideas.

This ultimate homeschool guide is designed to help you with all of the major questions and issues that commonly arise in a new homeschooling home. From giving you tips on organization and curriculum, to helping you understand what laws you need to be aware of and follow, our list is a great place to begin in making your new homeschool what you want it to become.