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100+ Free Homeschool Curriculum Resources

100+ Free Homeschool Curriculum Resources

Keeping your budget low while homeschooling is easy when you utilize this list of Free Homeschool Curriculum. Our list includes over 100 resources for free lesson plans, complete curriculum or resources to use for lesson plans.

This encompasses preschool, elementary, middle school, and high school needs. There are some sites listed with complete curriculums and others that specialize in specific curriculum and subjects. We have broken things down by subject and general concept for your ease of navigating this list.

100+ Free Homeschool Curriculum Resources

For many homeschool classrooms, these links and resources cover more than enough of what is required. As your child gets older and more requirements are made for their education, you’ll find the need to branch out for more curriculum that costs out of pocket. However, as we learn of more resources we will add them to the list for your use to help you save money and stay on top of educational needs.

General Curriculum

Easy Peasy All In One Homeschool – This popular curriculum covers kindergarten through 8th grade with basic subjects as well as a few extra elective items included.

Adapted Mind – This site is geared toward younger ages (K-3rd) and includes curriculum, games, and lessons on reading and mathematics.

Quizlet – This site offers tons of games and quizzes for multiple subjects and grade ranges.

Scholastic – Lesson Plans are available to coincide with many books in all genres.

Donna Young – Charlotte Mason style complete curriculum with tons of information, printables, lesson plans, and resources.

Discovery Education – This site associated with the Discovery Network has tons of lesson plans on multiple subjects including science and history. Lessons are for all ages and grade levels.

ABCYa: This site is focused on preschool to 3rd-grade level. It focuses on multiple subjects with a focus on math and reading.

Starfall: This is an early learner site for letter and number recognition and review.

CurrClick– This site offers both free and paid resources in various subjects. Sign up and explore to find the freebies offered. They also send out routine emails with free offers.

Kids Discover – vThis site has various reading programs in many subjects and is focused on early grades.

The Notebooking Fairy – This site offers over 100 free pages of downloadable printables for use in your homeschool classroom. They are mostly for younger grades and are available for multiple subjects.

PBS Kids – PBS Kids offers tons of videos and lessons on various topics using popular show characters they recognize and love. – This site contains tons of resources, lesson plans, unit studies, and information for all grade levels.

Teachers Pay Teachers – This site contains both free and paid products for teachers to use in classrooms. Lesson plans and printables are the most popular items found. Products are for a wide variety of subjects and grade levels.

CK12 – This online learning system has multiple options to suit your classroom and subject needs.

Lesson Pathways – This site covers curriculum and lesson plans for multiple subjects and grade levels.

Old Fashioned Education – This site has a compiled list of curriculum and resource ideas for multiple grade levels.

SAS Curriculum Pathways – This site has multiple subjects and grade levels of a curriculum.

Ambleside Online – This is a compilation of Charlotte Mason style curriculum for multiple grade levels.

ABC Jesus Loves Me – Christian Preschool program with easy to follow curriculum.

Mater Amabilis – Catholic based complete curriculum.

The Puritans Network – Puritan based history and Biblical principle based curriculum. This has some great resources hidden within lesson plans.

MIT – MIT offers free curriculum and resources for advanced mathematics, science, and programming.

Hippo Campus – This site offers various curriculum in multiple subjects and grade ranges with a focus on high school.

K5 Learning – This site contains worksheets for various subjects in grades kindergarten through 5th grade.

Math Curriculum

Great Minds – This site contains a limited number of free Eureka Math lesson plans and resources when you register as a user.

Wolfram Alpha – This is a great site for advanced math curriculum and lessons for your high school student.

Khan Academy – This site is the premier site full of videos and lessons for review on mathematics. It is geared mostly toward higher grade levels.

IXL – This site has online math drills and reviews for multiple grade levels.

Math A Tube – This site has tons of great resources for math lessons and reviews.

Math Aids – This site features great manipulatives and reviews for math in multiple grade levels.

Understanding Algebra – This is a complete curriculum created by a college professor with lesson plans and resources.

JumpStart – This site has free worksheets and manipulatives for math in lower grade levels.

Science and Health Curriculum

National Wildlife Federation – This site has great lesson plans on wildlife to be incorporated into your traditional science lesson plans for many age ranges.

Sea Turtle Inc. – Great unique lesson plans and information on Sea Turtles for use in science classes for all ages.

Periodic Videos– This is a site containing videos with lessons on the Periodic Table of Elements.

Think Earth – This site has tons of great resources and lesson plans around Earth science and environmental issues.

Polar Bears International – They provide great unit studies for different ages and grades around the life and biology of Polar Bears.

Kids Health In The Classroom – Great information, lesson plans, and curriculum and health and nutrition. – This site contains multiple lesson plans on water, contamination, climate change, and preservation.

CDC – The CDC website offers several lesson plans with resources around common medical issues, viruses, and vaccine information.

EPA – The EPA offers multiple lesson plans regarding climate change, environmental changes, and pollution.

Try Engineering – This site offers free curriculum in science, math, and engineering with a focus on high school curriculum.

NASA for Kids – Free resources, lesson plans, and videos about space exploration, planet systems, and rocketry.

Jason – This site offers a comprehensive STEM curriculum for all ages.

Inquiry In Action – This site focuses on lesson plans and curriculum for science and chemistry.

Learners TV – This site offers free astronomy videos for science lessons and review.

Science 4 Us – This site has lesson plans and curriculum for early grade levels.

LDC Curriculum – This offers various curriculums on science topics for multiple grade levels.

Supercharged Science – This site has tons of science resources, lessons, and ideas for many grade levels.

National Park Systems – The National Park Service offers tons of great resources to supplement your American History or Natural Science classes. There are some free printables and lesson plans available for almost every state park.

Next Generation Science Standards – This site has select science research and curriculum available for older students.

Heifer International – Free resources for the Read To Feed program.

Ace Fitness – Health, PE & Nutrition information, lessons, and curriculum for all ages.

Food & Nutrition Services – Health and nutrition lessons for multiple ages and grade levels.

History Curriculum

Civil – This site contains complete lesson plans on the Civil War and the history of the United States during that time period.

American Heritage – History of the US lesson plans and resources are available for download, viewing, or free via the mail.

A Book In Time – This site offers up free history lesson plans for multiple age and grade ranges.

Kids Past – This site has lesson plans and resources for lower grade level history concepts.

Mission US – This is an online interactive game through US History for younger grade levels.

Teaching American History – Free curriculum covering American history and government.

The Easy Essay – This site has great tips for developing an essay. It’s a great way for students to learn the process and do a review.

Grammar Blast – This site focuses on grammar quizzes and is great for all grade levels.

Teacher Vision – This site has free creative writing lessons and printables.

Guide To Grammar And Writing – This site is an excellent source of information, resources, and lessons on proper writing structure and grammar.

The Teachers Corner – This site offers daily writing prompts for all grade and skill levels.

Brain Pop Jr. – This site has lesson plans on poetry and writing prompts for younger grade levels.

English Language, Spelling, Vocabulary & Creative Writing

Vocab Ahead – This has multiple lessons on vocabulary related to many topics and grade levels.

NeoK12– This site includes grammar lessons for all grade levels. Great reviews and lesson plan choices available.

Daily Grammar – Excellent free homeschool curriculum for grammar with unique prompts and lessons daily.

Jenny Phillips – This site offers a free PDF of their language arts lesson plans.

English Banana’s – This site contains lesson plans and free curriculum for multiple grade levels of English, spelling, and handwriting practice.

Spelling City – This site offers tons of spelling lessons for multiple grade levels.

AAA Spelling – AAA Spelling offers spelling curriculum for 1st-8th grades. – This site offers complete poetry lesson plans for multiple genres and styles of writing.

Handwriting Worksheets – This is a site to create and print handwriting worksheets in print and cursive for your student to practice with as review.

English For Everyone -This site has great English-language worksheets for all ages and skill levels, including English as a second language.

Economics and Civics

Money Instructor – This is a great site for lessons on economics for all ages with a focus on high school students.

iCivics – This is a great site for information on civics and government with lessons and resources for multiple grade levels.

Money Talks 4 Teens – This is an interactive site for older students to learn about financial matters and budgeting.

PBS Learning Media – PBS offers a complete curriculum and resource list on the election process. Great for all ages.

Kids.Usa.Gov – This is geared toward younger ages and covers the government process including elections and how bills are processed through the Senate and House of Representatives.

Hands On Banking – This site offers great hands-on financial tips and lessons.

Monterey Institute of Technology and Education – AP United States Government curriculum in a complete format for easy use with videos, slides and printables.

Teacher Serve – This site offers lessons on US History for high school grade levels.

Foreign Languages

Mango Languages – This site offers great free tutorials and videos on multiple foreign languages.

Duolingo – This site and app are great for learning foreign languages.

Music and Arts

Maestro Classics – This site offers many lessons that incorporate classical music and the history of the time they were living.

KinderArt – This site has tons of great children’s art resources, lessons, and videos.

Just Sheet Music – This site has tons of free resources for music lessons.

The Virtual Instructor – This site has a great list of free video art lessons.

Jerry’s Artarama – This site has tons of art lessons, resources, and great ways to learn about the arts.

Elective Courses

MysteryNet – This site offers tips on critical thinking as you try to solve a new mystery each lesson.

Code Academy – This site offers tons of great courses on learning to program. Some are free and some are paid.

Google Arts & Culture – This is an online resource with videos and images of multiple pieces of art and historical pieces.

American Sign Language Lessons – This site has great information and resources for learning ASL.

Code School – This site regularly offers free introductory courses for various programming languages.

Alice – This site is focused on learning programming languages with multiple free resources and lessons.

Typing Tutor – This is a great site to use for typing practice.

Debate Central – This is a great source for lessons and resources to encourage critical thinking

Paid Resources

Time4Learning – This site has multiple subjects and lessons available at nominal fees with great customer service and customizations.

ABC Mouse – For a low monthly fee, you can use this site for games and interactive lessons for younger grade levels and preschoolers.

Free World U – This site has a ton of free products and also low price curriculum.

Educents – This site has some free products and great discounts on multiple types of homeschool curriculum for all grade levels.

Compassion International – Christian based lesson plans on specific geographical topics for donation

This complete list of free homeschool curriculum is a great place to begin when you are starting out, or limited on budget for your upcoming homeschooling year.

Ready-Made Resources

The Ultimate Preschool Curriculum Kit – Printable workbooks, lesson plans and curriculum for ages 3 – 5

Don’t Waste Your Time Homeschooling – Tips and tricks from a pro to make the most out of your time

Horizons Homeschool Curriculum – Math, Health, Phonics and Reading for Kindergarten

102 Top Picks for Homeschool Curriculum – Select the right curriculum for your family situation and learning abilities

Comprehensive Curriculum for Basic Skills – Reading, Math, Thinking Skills for Kindergarten

100 Write-and-Learn Sight Words – Activity and Practice pages to help kids really learn

Home Learning Year by Year – How to design a homeschool curriculum each year from preschool to high school!


Wednesday 13th of July 2022 is also a great website if you are looking for biographies with worksheets and quizes, excellent for Charlotte Mason -many artists and a couple composers, scientists/inventors, presidents, and much more. Thanks for making this list..I am going to check these out:)


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