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Three Last Minute Valentine’s Day Treats

** This post originally appeared on my recipe site Gimme the Yum and is now presented here as the site no longer exists **

If you are like me, you often put off until the last minute things which should have been done days ago. I’m one of the worst people to plan things like holidays. But luckily, I am quite the Holiday Ninja, able to pull festivity out of my backside at a moment’s notice. And one of my most treasured weapons in my Holiday arsenal is to make store-bought goods or leftovers look totally homemade.

Valentine's Day Brownie Bites

Take these for example. I took some of my surplus Rocky Road Brownie Bites and drizzled them with red and white frosting and some cute sprinkles, and voila! Valentine’s Day Brownie Bites! Plate them up with some whipped cream and a strawberry or two, and you have a romantic evening dessert that you can take turns feeding each other.

Or how about one of my favorite bakery goods. I’m a sucker for creme horns, but I never have the time to make them from scratch. But I can buy a pack of five for $3 and dress them up the same way that I did the brownies!

Valentines Day Creme Horn Bites

Simply cut them into pieces (I tend to get five bites from each creme horn) and then drizzle with colorful frosting. I’ve also used melted chocolate for a richer flavor. Use your imagination to get the best from each bite. Whatever tastes good and looks good. And garnish is everything (you can’t go wrong with strawberries!).

And finally, one of the easiest tricks you can imagine for giving that homemade look to something totally store-bought – cut out cookies!

For Valentine’s Day, red velvet cookies are perfect, but you can do this with any bakery cookie you like. As long as they are soft and chewy (not hard and crunchy), this works a treat. Simply buy the appropriate cookies and use a heart shaped cookie cutter to give them that holiday feel.

Valentines Day Red Velvet Heart Cookies

It doesn’t get much easier than that. So if you’re stuck for a tasty treat to say “I love you,” give these suggestions a go! You won’t be sorry!

Cookies and Cream Brownies
Cookies and Cream Brownies
Magazine Rack - After it's all done
Painting a Magazine Rack

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Miranda G.

Saturday 17th of January 2015

This is so creative! I have honestly never thought of dressing up store bought goodies. I am definitely going to keep this in my arsenal when one of my kids tells me they need to bring treats for whatever reason. Thanks for sharing at the Valentine's Day blog hop.

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