Tips to Catching More Pokémon on Pokémon Go Probably the most fun task in Pokémon Go is catching the little critters. After all, you “gotta catch ‘em all,” right? Use the following tips to help you – and your kids – catch more Pokémon in the game! Throw with Intent In order to catch more Pokémon, you must throw the Pokeball right on top of them. If they have a higher CP and are deflecting your balls, try throwing them a bit to the left or right. The Pokeball will sometimes swing back and end up hitting the Pokémon even when he’s trying to deflect them! Using less Pokeballs will allow you to catch more Pokémon, even if there aren’t many Pokestops nearby to stock up on more balls. Razz Berries When you hitting up Pokestops, you will likely get some Razz Berries to store in your bag. Throwing a Razz Berry to a Pokémon before trying to catch him will make him an easier grab. The Razz Berry “distracts” the Pokémon so when you throw the ball, you have a better chance of catching him. Incense Another Pokestop item, the incense will help attract more Pokémon to you in the 30 minutes of its use. It’s a good idea to save the incense for a time you will be actively playing for a while. It’s even better if you can go to a park with lots of Pokestops, so you can catch them and have more Pokeballs and Razz Berries to use. Lure Modules Apply a lure module to a nearby Pokestop so you can attract more Pokémon for everyone playing around you. Like the incense, these work for 30 minutes. Only use them when you are going to be in the area that long or you won’t get the full benefit. Level Up Working on your Pokémon Go trainer’s level will help you find more Pokémon to catch. You will also start to see Pokémon with higher CP levels as you level up. To level up, you need to gain as much XP as you can by catching Pokémon, evolving those you have already caught, and winning battles in gyms. Eggs Eggs can be obtained from Pokestops. You will start the game with one incubator so you can hatch the eggs as you walk and play the game. You may also find incubators at Pokestops during play. Make sure you always have any incubators you have filled with an egg, as you will hatch more eggs and get more Pokémon this way!

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