Tips to Increasing your Pokémon Go Trainer’s Level Quickly

Tips to Increasing your Pokémon Go Trainer's Level Quickly

One of your goals when playing Pokémon Go is to increase your trainer’s level. Each time you reach a new level, you get lots of Pokeballs and other items that are helpful for your game play.

Also, leveling up will expose you to more Pokémon in the area as well as those with higher combat power (CP). The higher the combat power, the better they will perform when you battle at gyms!

To level up, you have to catch Pokémon or evolve them to get experience points, which are referred to as XP in the app. You can keep a check on your XP and find out when you will level up again by clicking your trainer’s head in the lower right corner of the screen.

 Tips to Increasing your Pokémon Go Trainer's Level Quickly

Play – A LOT!

This is probably a given, but really it’s the best way to level up. The more you are active in the app, the more XP your trainer will gain.

Tips to Increasing your Pokémon Go Trainer's Level Quickly

Catch Everything You See

You get XP each time you catch a Pokémon, even if you have caught one of the same kind before. You will get 100 XP each time you catch a Pokémon, and 500 XP when you catch a certain type for the first time. Aim your Pokeballs right at the critter to score a little extra XP for a nice or great throw.

Evolve Your Pokémon

When you evolve your Pokémon, you earn more XP. This is especially true if you are evolving to get a Pokémon you haven’t previously caught.

To evolve your Pokémon, you will need a certain number of candies associated with the type of Pokémon you are evolving.

For example, this Ponyta needs 50 candies in order to evolve. To get more candies, transfer some of your lower CP (combat power) Pokémon of that type to the professor.

Tips to Increasing your Pokémon Go Trainer's Level Quickly

Don’t Forget the Lucky Egg

When you visit Pokestops, you may receive a lucky egg here and there. This extra item doubles the XP you get in the game for 30 minutes. When you are using a lucky egg, you want to make sure you are actively catching or evolving Pokémon to increase your trainer’s level faster.

Participate in Battles

Hit up your local gyms to get more XP and increase your trainer’s level. You will receive 100 XP just for battling, and you can get 150 XP if you win the battle.


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