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Top Tips for Getting the Best Photos at Walt Disney World (without a selfie stick!)

Top Tips for Getting the Best Photos at Walt Disney World (without a selfie stick!)

Selfie sticks are great for getting a selfie or group shot with everyone in the frame, but more and more popular destinations like Walt Disney World are banning the devices. Declared a public nuisance, they actually can be very inconvenient, unsafe and a total nuisance in crowded and fast moving places like the Disney parks. If you thought a selfie stick would make for a great gadget to take along on your next Disney vacation, you may be prevented from even entering the park with one, so to prepare yourself for the possibility there are plenty of other ways to get a great photo.

Use these tips to get the best photos while on vacation at Walt Disney World without a selfie stick.

Top Tips for Getting the Best Photos at Walt Disney World | A Mother Thing

Ask a Cast Member

There are cast members all over Walt Disney World and they are just waiting for you to ask them to take your next best photo. They have been doing the favor for families for generations, and they are more than happy to help. You’ll find several cast members camping out in all of the popular spots too, so as soon as you’ve decided what you want in the background, power up the camera or smartphone and hand it over. And don’t forget about Disney Photo Pass! There are pro photographers all over the park who will take your photo with their own equipment and let you have a card so you can access them online later. This is a fab way to get amazing photos without worrying about your camera letting you down!

Learn How to Use the Timer

Almost every camera phone and camera comes with a timer, but so many people do not know how to use it. Sit down before heading out to Disney World to learn how to start the time for a photo. Then practice setting the timer and running to pose a few feet away. This will give you an idea of how far you can be from the camera before the shutter goes off. Instead of a selfie stick, invest in a compact, tripod stand and grip that you can wrap around railings, benches or prop up on a flat surface.

Use Your Headphones

If you left the hotel room without a small tripod but still want to get that selfie look, put your headphones to work. By plugging in bluetooth headphones you can create a shutter trigger that gives you at least two feet between you and the cameraphone. Prop your phone up against something and smile!

Use Disney Apps

Disney World have a couple of really fun photo taking apps that every guest should download before their vacation. Show Your Disney Side and Disney Memories HD are two of the most useful and fun of the apps out there– and both of these are created by Disney. Customize any photo you take of yourself and the family and add a touch of Disney. This also helps keep track of the photos that you have taken in the park so you make sure you have photos of the fun enjoyed throughout the day and not just all in the beginning.

Minimize Your Background

Finally, for some of the best photos overall, try and minimize what is going on in the background behind you. Choose a spot in the park that has an iconic Disney image, think castle, and then position yourself far enough away that you are able to get the entire structure in the shot. Finally, position yourself so that you are against a railing or where there is no chance of hundreds of people walking behind you. This ensures that you and your focal Disney icon are the stars of the photo.

Photos are the single best way to commemorate a fun vacation, and you’re going to want to remember your Disney trip for sure! With a little planning and practice, you can have some phenomenal photos to share with friends and family.

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