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Trying Out a More Natural Baby Product – Young Living Seedlings™

Trying Out a More Natural Baby Product – Young Living Seedlings™

Now that I’m four kids deep in this parenting lark, I’ve got to think that by now I’ve tried most baby products on the market. I’ve been very lucky to discover some real gems along the way, but I’ve also been left with some real stinkers! For instance, there was a particular brand of baby cream that actually left my second son with horrible rashes and welts all over his nether regions. There was the off-brand diapers that exploded whenever my third son peed in them. And there was even a brand of detergent that gave my oldest boy contact dermatitis!

But now that my youngest is nearly six months old, I’ve had plenty of time to assess the market and discover which products live up to the hype. Most recently, I was sent a bundle of Young Living Seedlings™ products to try out, and I was honestly impressed. I’ll say right now that even though I’ve been referred to as a “crunchy mom” on more than one occasion, I do not currently use essential oils on the regular. I have a bottle or two stowed in my bathroom for the times I deal with bad migraines, but other than that, I’m not super familiar with them. But I’ll admit to a kind of curiosity and intrigue about them.

I’m someone who really does try to think of the health, happiness and safety of my children above all else. I look for really gentle products that will help take good care of the most vulnerable people in my life. So when Young Living Seedlings™ touted themselves as soothing, plant-based products with infant-safe essential oils, free from harmful ingredients, I knew it was something worth trying. So here’s the lowdown, because as a mom, I know that it’s important to be as honest as possible when recommending a product.

Young Living Seedlings™ products with baby

To begin, the products came packaged in a lovely box, which featured their Seed to Seal® commitment, promising to be ethically sourced, made from the purest ingredients, and hold up to rigorous quality standards. They also seem to be very concerned with good customer service, going the extra mile for those, young and old, using their products. I haven’t had to experience that side, thankfully, but it’s good to know they want to be the best!

Young Living Seedlings™ Seed to Seal

Each of the products sent is specifically tailored to babies and younger children. Since I have four boys ranging in age from 5 months to 7 years, I’m at a point where we go through a LOT of products like these really quickly. It can get expensive, it can get frustrating and it can be very disappointing if the product I’ve chosen don’t work or are disliked by the kids. So it’s extra awesome when products prove to be helpful and of high quality.

I was sent some baby wipes, a baby wash & shampoo, baby oil, linen spray, diaper rash cream and baby lotion. The baby oil and linen spray were two things that I don’t generally use, so I was most excited to try them.

Young Living Seedlings™ product shot

Let’s begin with the baby wipes. If you’ve ever picked up a cheap pack of wipes at the drug store, you’ll know that there are some HUGE differences in quality for baby wipes. Some are thin and fall apart fast. Some smell terrible. Some dry out quickly. Some even just plain don’t work. But when you buy quality wipes, you can totally see the difference. Such are these wipes. They smell fantastic, though not overwhelming. They are soft and durable and clean up exceptionally well. My only gripe is that there are only 72 in each pack. I wish there were more!

The Baby Wash & Shampoo is marketed as tear-free, and such was the case with us. My kids are SUPER paranoid about shampoo getting in their eyes, but with this, there were no issues at all. Like the wipes, it smells great and leaves my son’s skin nice and smooth. It has also helped DRAMATICALLY with his cradle cap, which was out of control. I was really impressed.

The Baby Oil was an interesting thing. I find that I don’t use it much, as I’m just not really sure what to do with it! Because the Baby Lotion is so fantastic, I don’t really need to use the oil much. I will say, though, that we took these products with us when we went to Yellowstone recently, and the baby oil got used for some nice baby massage at the end of each night, and my little guys were able to sleep soundly in strange hotels through our journey. So I think that it may become a big part of our bedtime routine going forward!

The Linen Spray is a really nice item to have, but I will be honest that it made both me and my oldest son sneeze pretty consistently whenever we used it. It smells great, though, and once it is actually on my kids’ bedclothes, it is really subtle and relaxing.

The Diaper Rash Cream is a gamechanger! Unlike other barrier creams or skin protectants I’ve tried, it really works well for keeping my son’s skin safe. It has made a real difference in his diaper changes, which were previously quite difficult for him.

The Baby Lotion, as I mentioned above is great for everyday use. I love to slather it on after a bath, but we also use it in the mornings before getting dressed. He seems really happy whenever we put it on, and his skin is so soft and silky. Plus, he smells AH-MAZING!

Young Living Seedlings™ products with baby

All in all, I have to give credit where it’s due and say that these have all been a huge success. I was ever so slightly concerned that they might aggravate his skin (or mine!) because we all have very sensitive skin, and I don’t usually buy anything that is scented. But these all feel perfect, and we’ve had no issues at all. It makes me want to see what other products they have that we can integrate into our family!

Read more about Young Living Seedlings ™ here and consider giving them a try!

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Young Living Seedlings ™ and Modern Mom. All opinions are my own.