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Two Weeks

beautiful baby photo

So Baby Daniel is two weeks old today. And although I haven’t finished his birth story yet, I really wanted to to spend a bit of time talking about HIM. I’ve learned so much about my baby boy in 14 short days, and I want to document it here so that I (and eventually he) can look back on it and see how he’s changed (or not) over time.

So feel free to skip this post if you wish. It is mostly for me and my boy.

baby photo - stripes

Firstly, and I get a lot of grief from my mother for saying this out loud, I often tell this kid that he is the “cutest ugly baby I’ve ever seen.” This is not a reflection of his personality, of course. It is more about the fact that he hasn’t yet grown into his features.

From his droopy skin to his hairline (what is the opposite of receding? I mean, I ASSUME it’s actually growing IN and not going away, but I don’t know how to describe it effectively without making it all sound a bit Benjamin Button…) From his beaky little nose (which is in actual fact MY beaky little nose transplanted onto a baby) to his Churchill-like worry-lines across his forehead. He’s also got what appears to be a pretty severe overbite, and as the days go by, it seems more and more likely that the young man is going to be a carrot-top like his grandmother.

It all adds up to a rather gremlin-like façade, but even so, the kid is unbelievably adorable.


Daniel LOVES to sleep. Maybe it’s just because it’s early days, but so far he’s been an entirely EASY baby to look after. While his older brother was active and alert more hours than he was asleep at this age, Daniel is quite happy to doze 18 hours a day. And even when he’s awake, he will often be quite content to lay in his cradle and get the lay of the land from that angle, not wishing to bother the adults.

Mark says he often forgets we have two children because Dexter still gets most of the attention and Daniel is so quiet. While I, myself, never for a moment forget our second child, I can totally see his point. For sure, as he gets older, he will have to learn to speak up and make a bit of noise, as otherwise he’ll spend his whole life overshadowed by the very rambunctious Dexter!

baby in a cradle

He loves to snuggle. While daytime sees him content to relax in his cradle (made lovingly for him by my father), night times he will fuss until mama picks him up and holds him tight. Even after he’s finished nursing and is filled to the brim with delicious, warm milk, he will immediately wake up and pretend to root if I even TRY to put him back in his bed. So several times a night, he gets a ride on the MamaCoaster, held tight to my chest as I roll around into a more comfortable position. As long as I keep an arm around him, he is perfectly fine and sleeps like… well, a baby!

baby photo

I like to refer to him as my little Velociraptor. His squeaky chipmunk noises are often punctuated with snarls and snorts that remind me of a cute baby dinosaur, and it’s not an image that easily leaves your mind. My nickname for him is Buddy, as for months before his birth, whenever he’d barrel roll inside my belly, I’d grab on and holler, “Whoa Buddy!”  Mark and my mother have taken to calling him Peanut because he is so small.

He loves to flail his arms around, and it has made for some pretty cute photo captions, I can tell you! But for the most part, we keep him swaddled tightly, and he LOVES it. He also really loves it in his Moby wrap. I was fortunate enough to be given this miraculous product by my friend, Amy, and it has been an amazing experience. When Dex was little, I tried wearing him in various slings, however none of them were ever particularly comfortable. But my Moby is exceptionally comfy to wear and has the added bonus of being secure, easy to use and very very convenient. Daniel will sleep for ages, cuddled right against my chest, happy to be close to me. It bonds us even more than we already are.

baby boy

Everyone says he looks like me. Which makes sense. Dex looks exactly like his daddy, and Daniel (apart from certain angles) looks nothing like Dexter. Mark says he has my mouth – a small upper lip with a fuller lower lip. We already know he has my beaky little nose. And the reddish hair is the same that I was born with. It’s too early to tell on the eyes, of course. Dexter got mine, for sure. But Daniel’s are shaped like Mark’s. The dark blue is likely to change as time goes on, but whether they become the cerulean that Dexter and I share or the ever-changing hazel eyes that Mark sports is all up in the air.

One thing is for sure – I can’t wait to see how this guy turns out. I am in love, and I am looking forward to the future. For all of us.

blue eyes

newborn daniel
Welcome Baby Daniel
Sideboard project - made over with two cans of Valspar spraypaint
My Sideboard Makeover

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