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The Ultimate New Mom Care Package

The Ultimate New Mom Care Package

Whether you are looking for the perfect baby shower gift, or you just want to show a new mother that you care, there are a few amazing things you can do for a friend or loved one who is about to give birth. I’ve put together a list of some amazingly helpful items that every new mom can do with. Choose a few or all of them to create The Ultimate New Mom Care Package.

Hot and Cold Gel Pack – This is a great gift for both before, during and after the actual birth! With all the aches and pains of pregnancy, the absolute agony of contractions and the after-effects of a long drawn-out birth, this will keep the new mom covered whatever may come.

Milk of Magnesia – After a new mom has given birth, one of the hardest things in the world is using the toilet. A little help in that department will make things SO much easier!

Lavette Bottle  – The problem with using the toilet after birth is that there is no way the new mother will want to have something as harsh as toilet paper anywhere NEAR her nether regions. A nice squeeze bottle allows her to keep clean while also soothing her aching bits.

Maternity Pads  – It’s not fun to admit, but the bleeding that follows giving birth is way heavier than a standard maxi pad can keep up with.  The worst is over in a few days, but the bleeding can go on for up to six weeks! Give a new mom a chance with some heavy-duty maternity pads to keep her safe from embarrassing stains.

Multipurpose Ointment  – Not only will a new baby benefit from some ointment, but so can mom! It’s soothing in so many ways, it’s sure to come in handy.

Dry Shampoo  – The last thing on a new mother’s mind is how she looks, but it’s still helpful to give her ways to keep fresh. Since showers are few and far between at first, a nice dry shampoo will keep her feeling good until she’s brave enough to leave her new baby for five minutes.

Hand Sanitizer Multipack  – With changing diapers and cleaning herself up, a new mom is constantly having to wash her hands. Hand sanitizer makes things so much easier, and if she has a bottle in every room, it means she doesn’t have to carry it with her wherever she goes!

Comfort Nursing and Maternity Cami Tank – A comfortable and stylish tank top is perfect for a new mom. It allows her to feel good about how she looks until she can fit back into her pre-pregnancy clothes, AND it makes it so much easier for her to give breastfeeding a try.

Lanolin – Nobody, but NOBODY, enjoys cracked and chapped nipples. In those first weeks of breastfeeding, it can be absolutely brutal. This natural product is safe for baby AND will give amazing relief when it’s needed most.

Disposable Nursing Pads  – Until (and sometimes even after!) a mom and baby get into a good breastfeeding routine, a lactating mom can find herself out in public with some VERY embarrassing stains across her shirt. To combat this, a couple of nursing pads stuffed in her bra will soak up any stray milk and keep her feeling fresh and confident in those all-too-trying first days out with a new baby.

Restaurant Gift Cards – New moms and dads are often overwhelmed for a while after the baby comes. Going out to eat is next to impossible, and cooking at home feels like the hardest thing int he world, but you can help by giving gift cards to local restaurants that deliver.

It’s also always great to offer up home-cooked meals, babysitting or even just company to a new mom. So many times she will be overwhelmed but too afraid to reach out to ask for help. Offer your time in obvious ways – don’t just tell her to “call me if you need me.”  Let her know you’re free at a certain time to help out and let her accept or reject accordingly.

The Ultimate New Mom Care Package! Perfect gift for a baby shower!


Wednesday 10th of September 2014

LOL. This is great! Except if you explain the reasons for each of them to the new mom, she's going t obe too scared to have the baby!!!! ;)


Wednesday 10th of September 2014

You should have included some items for a mom who ISN'T breastfeeding... just saying.


Wednesday 10th of September 2014

Amazing!! I wish someone had got me this when I first had my kids!!


Tuesday 9th of September 2014

Perfect. My sister is having a baby later this year and his will be a great idea for her.

Celeste Baccaccio

Tuesday 9th of September 2014