Upcycled Dollar Store Stocking

It’s Day 13 of our 25 Days of Christmas! I can’t believe we’re over halfway done with our celebration! I hope you guys have been enjoying it as much as I have!!

Today, I wanted to show you this super fun and affordable craft that is PERFECT for kids. I think Christmas stockings are one of the most important parts of this big holiday. I have many happy memories of grabbing my stocking from the mantle and finding it filled with chocolates, little presents and always always always an orange in the toe! We each had our own stocking growing up. I think my grandmother made them with some glue and glitter. They still are very special to me.

Upcycled Dollar Store Stocking | A Mother Thing

But in this day and age, everyone seems to have really expensive designer stockings – which is lovely. But I love the idea of letting the kids build their OWN stockings each year. And with just a couple of dollars, you can make it happen.

Here’s what you’ll need:

Dollar store felt stocking
Green and white felt
Hot glue

Upcycled Dollar Store Stocking | A Mother Thing

Measure across your stocking and cut out a few strips of white and green. Using hot glue, paste the strips onto the stocking in a nice pattern.

Upcycled Dollar Store Stocking | A Mother Thing

Take your green and white felt and cut out a few half circles to use across the top of the stocking. Hot glue them in a scallop pattern right under the white trim.

Upcycled Dollar Store Stocking | A Mother Thing

Obviously, you can change up the colors and patterns, letting your (or your kids’) imagination run wild! Try adding some jingle bells on, or even follow grandma’s lead and grab some glitter to write names on them!

This is such a wonderful family activity.

Upcycled Dollar Store Stocking | A Mother Thing

Will you give it a try this year? Let me know if you do, I’d LOVE to see the results!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post. If so, please don’t forget to like, comment and share! And come back tomorrow for another awesome Christmas post!

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