Use Contact Paper to Revamp an Old Storage Chest

Revamp a Storage Chest with Contact Paper and Vinyl cutout

Many years ago, when I was graduating from high school, my dad brought me a present which wasn’t actually from him. One of his friends and neighbors had gone to the trouble of making me this lovely cedar-bottomed hope chest as a graduation gift. Even though I’d never met him properly (I had seen him in passing a couple of times), it really touched me that he’d thought so highly of my dad that he’d give his daughter such a lovely present.

Over the years, I used it to hold many and various trinkets and meaningful items that I wanted to keep. But the big problem was that the light wood didn’t really go with the decor of any place I lived. It usually wound up with me sticking the chest in a closet out of site.

So recently, I tried to figure out some way I could make it cute without ruining it. I didn’t want to paint or stain it because it was a gift. But something needed to be done, and I had an idea!

Old plain storage chest

You can see that beforehand, it was well made, but very plain. I decided to use some contact paper I’d found at a yard sale a few months ago. Contact paper is a great way to change up the look but on a non-permanent basis. It’s easy to measure and cut (it usually has lines on the back to help guide you), and it is easy to reposition if you mess up.

I decided to add it to the top and the front of the chest, leaving a small border where the trim was.

use contact paper for nonpermanent decoration of old storage chest

I smoothed it out and used a craft knife to get the edges perfect. Once it was done, I thought it still needed something. I happened to have a vinyl wall cling that I wasn’t using, so I centered it on the front and added it in. Perfect!

Vinyl cutout on revamped storage chest

Once it was done, I filled it with lots of my breakables and stuff I don’t want the kids to mess with. I then placed it in front of the louvered doors of the closet which holds our furnace, as an extra deterrent to the kids. Finally, I used the top as a nice display for some of my collection of fairy figurines and a few photos I love.

Revamp an old hope chest

I LOVE how it turned out, and I love even more that I can change it up at any time. It looks so cute in my craft room, and it’s so handy for extra storage.

Before and After comparison of my hope chest



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Katie Reed

Katie Reed

Katie Reed is a 38 year old mom blogger from Salt Lake City, UT. She is married to the man of her dreams and together they have four beautiful boys. Dexter is 9, Daniel is 7, Chester is 5 and Wilder is 2. She writes about living with mental health issues while navigating motherhood. Her blog focuses on tips and tricks for moms, information and parenting news, kid-friendly recipes and crafts. She loves to reflect on the humorous side of parenthood and shares the reality of her life, with a "warts and all" attitude.

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